9 months after first indent, new side-plaques, indent & up-curve have appeared

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First noticed an indentation on the top of my shaft back in February 2023.  Had to wait for my urologist appointment until June of 2023 -- he said he felt a bit of plaque on top of my penis, then prescribed me 400mg of pentox (2x daily). I was supposed to see him in December, but he canceled my appointment & I rescheduled.  Then they canceled that one too and I haven't bothered re-scheduling, because I feel like there's nothing he really knows or can do to help.  

I'd felt like the indentation had maybe reduced a little, and had pretty much stabilized.  There was no curvature at all for awhile.  About 9 months later, though (in November or so), I started noticing an up-curve in the top portion of my penis, starting right underneath the head.  I felt like maybe the pentox was causing intestinal discomfort, and since the progression happened anyway, I questioned if it was really helping, and stopped taking it for awhile.  Now, more & more lately, I've noticed a couple newer plaques, one on each side, right underneath the head -- with a bit of a new indentation on the right side.  

So I'm wondering, when & why did these new plaques start?  I thought the one on top was caused by my wife's pubic bone, but I don't know what would've caused these others -- lightly & briefly stretching my penis in the shower?  I thought that kind of traction was supposed to help, not make things worse!  If that's the case, then how can anyone use these stretching devices without further damaging themselves?   Did I slack off by not taking ALCAR, citrulline & arginine (and pycnogenol) as regularly as I was for awhile?  Or stopping with heat packs taped to my boxers throughout the day?

I'd love to hear from anyone who's had a similar progression, or thoughts & insights from anyone here in general.  Should I bother rescheduling with my urologist?  Should I keep taking pentox?  Do Peyronies Disease sufferers have to take all these supplements forever, just in case stopping them might make things worse?  So many questions swirling around in my head!  
No injury; erect dorsal dent under glans on Feb 7, 2023
Nov. '23, new up-curve & plaques.
400mg pentox 2x daily
Vit E, Ubiquinol, ALCAR, Citrulline, Arginine, Turmeric, Fish Oil
Already keto
Nightly 2.5mg tadalafil, was using heat-packs