Hast anyone gotten an MRI of the Penis?

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I received ultrasounds yes and also an mri for the pelvic Region but Not for the Penis and testicles. I will Look for a doctor that specificially mentions this in their Website, so that i will Not recieve too many raised eyebrows by requesting that lol!
Hast anyone gotten that and found Some diagnosis for whatever their Problems are ?  
27y, injured at 21 y!

Reinjured late 2019 when having sex with weak errection.
No curvature, but rotation of the base to the left about 30degrees
Main problem: chronic flaccid pain.

Trying different stuff now


If I recall there have been just a very small few who have had an MRI of their penis. You usually hear of an MRI of the pelvic region when diagnosing pelvic issues.
Lump 4/2020, age 63 , Dr Levine 6-26-20, Dors Curve 11/2020, Peyronies
Vit E400mg, COQ10, Heat Therapy, Penimaster, Pentox, Cialis, Restorex
SNHL 7/2020 - Stopped all Meds because ototoxicity  Heat/traction/VED are working. CPPS Diagnosis - Stable :)


I've had an MRI of my penis and the report said that I have a plaque down there.
26 year old.

Had multiple penile fractures.

Tried Verapamil injections, Pentoxifylline, Tadalafil, Vitamin E, heat therapy, Castor oil, L-Citrulline, Shilajit, Shatavari, Gotu Kola, Velvet beans.

Lost more than 6 inches.


If you had pelvic MRI, it should cover penis as well. I mean images should show penis, you can check this if you received them e. g. in DICOM format as part of your results.

Basically I think it's crucial to find radiologist/doctor who is able to interpret MRI images properly, especially for such rarely scanned body part like penis.

I also had MRI and report showed foci of calcification in tunica. Interestingly some time after that ultrasound showed no calcifications at all, theoretically ultrasound is better for detecting calcification. So I have no idea at this moment if anything is wrong or not.

early 30s
unclear imaging results
slight left curvature + lump on left distal dorsal part since teenager
2 soft vein-like ribs on right side + small 2 dents around when flaccid
sometimes sensation/aching on right side when flaccid for long time


Orriw: this is an imaging modality which is not used often for penile injuries, even in penile fractures, according to the medical papers. It's much costlier than an ultrasound, it's not always available in a medical facility and you need trained medical staff as well. It's much easier get a colour duplex ultrasound that gives you full blood flow and a very complete ''description'' of your penile tissue. Even if not as complete as an MRI.

Why would you be interested in one, if I may ask?  


Thanks for your reply Pfract, i just came to check now.

I received a lot of ultrasounds, will need to check if they were colour duplex ultrasound.

I like to find out what is wrong with the penis, and if there is really an issue or its some where else.
I have some deformity, but not like usually in Peyronies upwards. I also have dents, but the worst part is chronic flaccid pain that comes and goes. I would really like to find the reason for the pain to be able to cure it, so i thought about doing an MRI. Or now, a colour duplex ultrasound :)

One more thing: In my most recent post i talked about a "kink" that i noticed the night before. While being about 50% errect, the penis had in the mid a kink to one side, it looked knicked. This just happened at night as i slept, and i guess it may happen more often. The next day i had pain too.

Have you heard of this before? Can this happen with penile fractures, that the tissue can now always bend to one side again at times?
27y, injured at 21 y!

Reinjured late 2019 when having sex with weak errection.
No curvature, but rotation of the base to the left about 30degrees
Main problem: chronic flaccid pain.

Trying different stuff now


As for the ultrasound, the technician would describe that in the notes you get after the exam, so it should not be too hard to find out.

Not really sure about that kink you describe. Sometimes my penis appears to be different when I am not fully erect as well. Sometimes I read posts from other members describing the same. I would say you have to keep an eye out for any progression of the disease and if it keeps getting worse you need to address it with either traction or VED.

As for the chronic pain, have you tried taking an NSAID to help?