Is there anyone on this forum who used Dr. Hakky and had a BAD experience?

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Looking to go to him for an implant consultation and trying to get all the info I can. Also does anyone know what his out of pocket costs would be for the surgery in 2024? Thanks  
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Welcome to the forum.

No one here has had a bad experience with him.  I monitor ALL implant posts so I would know.  Maybe others know the cost without any insurance for him, implant cost, support staff, hospital, anesthesia, etc

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Literally never heard of anyone who had a bad experience. Perhaps someone did, I've just never read of any on the forums. I think that says ALOT about Dr. Hakky.
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I would like to add that I am yet to hear or read anything negative being said about him online. I also had a video appointment once with him and I found him very likeable, kind and attentive to what I was saying. Offered good advice as well and I would absolutely recommend him to anyone that mentions his name.

You will be in great hands if you choose to go that route. As for the pricing information the best thing to do is call his office and talk to the staff. They will be able to assist you on that matter.  


I went to Clavell and Hakky before making my decision.  Quite frankly I think either wouldve done a fine job but in the end I chose Hakky because of proximity and his team worked with my insurance much better than Clavell's office.
My wife will go on Amazon and look at reviews on a product.  She will often not buy something because they have 3 bad reviews, never looking at the 2500 good reviews they have.  I dont know if this is a good practice or not.  
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If you scroll through the various journals on this site, you will find some that don't give him the best reviews, but sometimes it's not the surgeon, but the patient.
There are some guys who are chronic complainers that no doctor could ever help, some that think they know more then their surgeon, etc.
But my impression is that he may be one of the best in your country.
Hope this helps
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