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Hey guys, I've been dealing with this disease for years and although I don't want to jinx myself, I think I found a damn good treatment. I've tried all non-invasive options over the course of a decade. L-arginine, acetyl l-carnitine, coq10, vitamin d, multivitamins, dietary adjustments (wasn't great about this but did try to eliminate carbs or anything I thought triggered inflammation),little bit of fasting. As many of you know, it always seems to be two steps forward, three steps back with this disease. I would make improvements and think I was on a positive trajectory, but eventually went back to a bad state, and over again. I did use traction therapy with restorex which I would say was a pretty great help, but it seems to have a ceiling on what it can do to treat those nodules, plaques, dents, etc. same with the supplements.

So, as a bit of background on my case, its certainly more mild than many of yours, I'm sure. It was more of a "twist" than a full-on bend. I have a dent on the left, it twists to the right, have a nodule on the right underside before the tip, towards the end of the shaft. Started with terrible hard flaccid that gradually subsided, which the supplements helped eliminate for the most part(acetyl l carnitine and l arginine in particular). I've since stopped taking the supplements. I actually developed another nodule on the opposite side in 2020 after being a complete idiot and over masturbating, feeling sore, then taking an ibuprofen so I could have sex with my lady. Next thing I know, a new nodule developed within a day and I was sore on and off for about a month. Besides this, I have what I think is called buckling on the right side. There is bands of scar tissue running up and down the right side going horizontally towards the urethra. I suspect this was my body's way of trying to heal the initial damage when I first injured myself. Note that my initial injury was caused by over masturbating and doing kegels to hold back orgasm repeatadly.

So, it's 2023. I actually did a year of Nofap and several months of semen retention from late 2021-summer 2022 when I could get away with it. The nofap year was great and I felt extremely confident and had an elevated mood. However, I feel my penis had almost maybe, shrunk a bit? It just felt weird. The lack of regular inflation of penile tissue from arousal seemed to have caused a bit of atrophying, and although I really enjoyed the benefits and would not discourage anyone from trying nofap, I unfortunately fell off the wagon this past year and a half (started masturbating in late summer 2022). My penis felt thinner when I began again. As an aside, my flaccid state greatly improved during this nofap streak, but my erections just weren't cutting it, though I seemed to get much more NRBs and morning wood (Ive never got morning wood consistently).

Prior to covid, I actually had excellent EQ and like I said, things seemed to be on a very positive trajectory. However, I think part of this was due to my physically demanding job which had me on my feet all day. 2020-2023 I noticed a sort of slow motion dip in EQ until it became noticable and concerning. I'm sure lack of exercise contributed, but I can't help but think that the inflammatory nature of covid had a part in this.

So, I'm back to masturbating, but I don't orgasm frequently. Have occasional sex with my woman. One night, in early 2023, I had a wet dream after we started sleeping on a new bed. This is really odd, because this was the first one I've ever had in my life. It felt like a change was happening within my body. It felt like I had healed some part of me. During my time doing the year long nofap streak, I noticed something about my pelvic floor and body in general; my posture is incorrect. I didnt stand up straight, my glutes weren't tight, my core wasn't flexed, my legs weren't properly flexed, and as a result, my pelvic floor wasn't "open". This was a big lightbulb moment for me. I feel that posture is a big factor in all of this. I have been standing improperly essentially my entire life, and it took me until last year to really figure this out. Reverse kegels and pushing those muscles helped me feel more filled out, too.

Adjusting made some improvements, and allowed my pelvic area to relax and function more optimally, but it was just more ups and downs. I reached a certain point this past year where I was just done. I was so frustrated with this disease it made me incredibly depressed. I had made little progress (even though, by all metrics I was much better than I was a decade ago). This thought still did nothing to help how I felt; I was stuck in this rut forever, and would probably never heal much beyond it.

There's a YouTuber I watch who drinks raw milk and purports it's benefits. I think the idea of trying this stuff was in the back of my mind for awhile, but I had run out all the options I was willing to try for this disease. I had heard of books on healing diseases that consisted of "milk diets". What I didn't realize is that it was actually raw milk, and raw milk fasts in particular.

So, I begin looking into raw milk, and sure enough, one of the purported benefits of consuming raw milk is improvement in fertility. I've got my hands on some raw grass fed cow milk a few months back and to say it was a revelation is almost an understatement. My flaccid state nearly immediately changed and I was hanging like never before. My stomach felt amazing and my body responded in such a noticeable way.

I just can't give raw milk enough credit. The difference is almost night and day. Granted, there are STILL ups and downs, and there was actually several times where my penis seemed to regress into a tiny, hardened flaccid state for hours at a time. My assumption here is that the body is "readdressing" the state of things in the penis. Going back to the drawing board if you will. It was concerning but my intuition told me this is the healing process, and when I got upset that things were not moving forward fast enough my lady would reassure me that I need to give the stuff a chance to do what it has to do. I drink raw milk every single day and it seems to improve my condition slightly, every. Single. Day. The dent seems to be filling in, which I never thought I'd ever see. EQ is way up, horniness is way up, flaccid state is 10 times better, rarely get hourglassing now, even my urethra seems fuller/bigger? Weirdly enough, my piss streams are even stronger. It's just insane and I can not recommend this stuff enough. I average about 3 cups a day. I feel even better when I get some raw cream with it, or mix the cream in my coffee.

I often get soreness or subtle pains in the penis for brief amounts of time, but as I'm sure some of you became familiar with, there's "good pains" and "bad pains". These always feel good. Like my body is working at healing things, addressing damage. Similar to the slight pain you get from a bit of traction, where you know something good is happening, even though it's uncomfortable.

Anyways, I noticed that I make more progress healing if I leave my penis alone. It's been difficult, because it's been so great to feel like myself again. The nodule on the right side seems to be breaking up, and slowly, but surely, the buckling on the right seems to be healing. I got sick last month and was not hungry whatsoever. Didn't eat for about 4-5 days but I did drink a bunch of raw milk. This little raw milk fast seemed to help a lot, too. I've also been consuming some raw honey along with it! This doesn't seem to hurting anything either.

If you're interested, please research the legalities around it in your location. In some states, you can purchase raw milk at the store. In others, only raw goat milk is legal. In others, you have to go through what is called a cow share program. Unfortunately, in some states it is completely illegal to sell raw milk. Go through the proper legal channels to get your hands on some, please.

Do your research on where you're getting it from, as well. I'm fortunate enough to have found a place where they treat their cattle great and they are thorough about making sure the milk is clean, as well as the cows. If you're afraid of rolling the dice and potentially getting TB, no one is going to hold that against you. It's recommended you have a decent immune system to consume this stuff. Be safe and informed before you do anything. DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK! I'M NOT A DOCTOR! Just remember, humans have consumed raw milk for a very long time. The laws are relatively new.   :)

Finally, I have to give my faith and prayer to God as a huge credit that certainly helped. I know some of you aren't spiritual at all, and I understand. I would say it's worth a shot if you haven't tried it. I'm not here to preach to you, but I just know it has helped me a ton. I also know others have prayed for me, too, including my woman.

Okay! That was a lot of information. I apologize for the novel, but I thought I should just give you all a background and understanding of my situation and where I came from to where I am now. Context and all of that good stuff.

TL;Dr: dealing with Peyronie's for a decade, some improvements but stuck at a certain point. Tried supplements and traction which did help, but not completely. Raw grass fed cow milk seems to take healing to a new level. Raw cream is an added bonus. Raw honey doesn't hurt, either. Try to make posture adjustments if you have problems. Good luck and please be safe, do things the legal way and do your research if interested.


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