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I am taking verapamil 160mg per day for more than 10 years, prescribed for migraine and additional control of hypertension. Indeed, I am on a substantial cocktail of medications for chronic migraine.

I had my initial symptoms of peyronies about 10 years ago so was constantly dosed ever since first noticing any abnormality. I had a decline in function and lost about 1.5 inches in length as a result of the condition, and also girth.

However in the last few years, maybe three or four I have had some recovery, I have regained substantial function in terms of hardness of erection and also regained over half an inch in length. I don't know how common this is spontaneously, so I'm wondering if it is the result of the constant dosing of verapamil. I wonder if there are any other men who are on long term oral therapy who have had similar or different outcomes?