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I'm 34, have had Peyronies Disease for 2 years. My curve is straight up about 65 degrees. I am concerned that my nighttime erections are getting weaker and my erections going away more quickly. About 1 year ago I did a series six of P shots and that really helped my erection quality stay at a 5/5. I also take a vitamin formula called Cardio Miracle that is full of L Arginine and nitric acid for good blood flow. I just started to take gingko/ginseng, horny goat weed, and yohimbe to try and improve the erections. My wife and I went almost a year without having sex at the beginning of this journey and have recently started to enjoy intercourse again. And now that the erections seem to be weakening it has me very anxious. Even more so because she is still in her mid twenties. I have not taken any prescription pills for this because I do not want them to be a necessity for the rest of my life. I am not sure what to do.  
34 year old male. Peyronies Disease for 2 years


Welcome to the forum Trytostayhopeful. Thank you for filling out your signature line. Please download and read our survival guide -->Survival Guide . This will give you a better understanding of peyronies and it's different treatments.

Tell us when you were diagnosed and was it through an ultrasound? A 65* curve is substantial and can interfere with intercourse. Do you currently have a Dr? I have personal experience with the supplements that you are taking. The Yohimbe did actually provide more blood flow to my penis but it did raise my blood pressure. The horny goat weed did raise my libido but it did not affect my testosterone levels. I definitely was helped with erections by taking L-Citruline. I started with Cialis ans boy did my erections improve 100%. Unfortunately though I had to stop all meds due to SSHL.

I would say that trying Cialis would actually help you. A low dose of 2.5mg would be a good starting point. If it helps you should try it. Also looking into traction therapy and VED therapy could actually help straighten out your penis somewhat. It does take time though, This journey is a marathon and not a sprint. I believe that you could benefit from it but it is a time invested journey and you need patience. Getting a plan of action and working it will be your best plan now. Doing nothing will give you nothing. Also communicating with your partner is best as this could provide with  a new level of intimacy. Read and study the forum and you will get a better feel of different members outcomes and how they approached peyronies.   :)

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trytostayhopeful: i understand the sentiment when it comes to ED meds. I have been there. But don't negate yourself from it's benefits because of that mindset. Ease into it. Try to take viagra once before sex or experiment with the other pills out there that have a legitimate use for ed. You may like it after all once you see the effects on your erections.

In regards to cialis daily that you have to take everyday i can understand why you feel that you are "dependent"  on them even though they don't cause addiction. But not with the other medications you take on demand.

After a while one gets used to it. Trust us! :)


Your approach with supplements like gingko/ginseng, horny goat weed, and yohimbe is worth exploring, as they are often touted for their potential benefits in improving erectile function and blood flow. However, it's essential to proceed with caution and consult with a healthcare professional before introducing new supplements, especially considering your specific medical condition and any potential interactions with other medications or treatments you may be using.

Regarding your concerns about prescription pills, it's important to remember that they can be a viable option for many individuals with erectile dysfunction or related issues. While you're hesitant about them becoming a long-term necessity, they can sometimes offer significant benefits, especially when used as part of a comprehensive treatment plan tailored to your needs. Discussing your concerns and preferences with a healthcare provider can help you explore all available options and make informed decisions about your care.

Ultimately, finding the right approach to managing Peyronie's Disease and maintaining satisfactory sexual function is a highly individualized process. Open communication with your healthcare provider and your partner, along with patience and perseverance, can be key in navigating this journey.
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