I wish I could open up the first center of penile fractures

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If I win the lottery! There are many urologists and hospitals and clinics but no where is there a special hub place. (Imagine) an in patient unit where surgical uros work but people with urological problems can stay there instead of being discharged and left to deal with it on their own. I'm in a city where they do have men's clinic where the urologists are competent BUT this would only happen if one of us in the community of uro health consumers could win the sweepstakes/ lottery. It would be one of a kind!
Penile fracture at 22, left untreated, did not heal properly, dealing with complications of the injury. Diagnosed with lacerations to the tunica albuginea, as well as Ed.


I imagine there isn't a special hub place because the condition is rare. The first urologist who saw my newly formed vein didn't really know what to make of it. He called a colleague and both were equally perplexed, which made me even more uncomfortable. The vein is very strange, is visible when flaccid and seems to be almost completely out of circulation. It appeared out of nowhere in a single day. And I also have Peyronie's. So I left and tried to find more knowledgeable urologists but had more similar encounters.
PE injury after some aggressive bending
Developed P.D. (30-35 degree downward curvature)
Hourglass shaped erections
Weaker glans
One big vein on top suddenly visible
Several months of hell and pain
Tried a few things, some helped with the pain.