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I was in grade six and a classmate asked me to go in goals (goalie) for floor hockey. I asked out loud "but where's the jock strap?" About 2 - 3 times. The teacher was nowhere in sight. So I told my buddy "no because you're gonna hit me in the balls". I said "fine. But don't use the heavy rubber puck, use the light plastic puck " so if course he choose the heavier puck and he hit me in the nuts. I hit the ground writhing in pain as I blacked out from the pain. When I came too, upright again, people were laughing at what had happened and the teacher was still nowhere in sight as they were laughing at me.

Later that week I listened to the sue Johanson Sunday night sex show. A caller called in to talk about his peyronnies. He said it was curved obviously. She responded "did you ever hit your balls on the bar of your mountain bike or got hit in the nuts as a kid?" "Because penile trauma usually leads to a curved penis/ peyronnies." My mind was blown. I immediately feared for my health and had PTSD. I pictured my millimeter peter growing to the side of my leg. As she said "sometimes the bend is so bad one cannot have sex ."

Not sure if this is ok to post. My uncle always told me not to lift weights as a another kid could be immature and kick ur nuts while doing bench press. He was serious, my uncle was. This is a true story I told. Mental health and urological health go hand in hand. It needs to be positive!

I am no slouch. There may be many reasons why I have a small penis: I am Asian, I am very imposing physically, maybe I'm just a grower, or perhaps that puck to the nuts damaged my testicles. Again if this is inappropriate I apologize. All I know is that I tried to get help at the time!
Penile fracture at 22, left untreated, did not heal properly, dealing with complications of the injury. Diagnosed with lacerations to the tunica albuginea, as well as Ed.


You've asked a few times in your post if something you wrote is appropriate.  The answer is that this is a serious forum by concerned individuals who want to learn from one another's experiences and help one another.  We also want to welcome anyone who is in physical or emotional pain due to Peyronie's disease.  Anything which is intended to meet that objective is appropriate to post.  Is there anything you want to ask the forum, and is there anything you would like to teach the forum?  Do you have symptoms of Peyronie's?
Thank you in advance for giving us a thoughtful answer.

Peyronie Kirai, Moderator
Age 64, Peyronie's history 4 years, left side hourglass, 20-degree bend to left, no ED