How do I get Pentox prescribed by a doctor?

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I've been to two urologists and both confirmed the fact that I suffer from Peyronie's disease, but neither of them prescribed any medication for it and only one even suggested a treatment ( barely said a few words, I had already found more information on google on what he said ).

I am only 22 and while im not sure what caused it or when did the event that triggered it happen, Im pretty confident that I have had it for more or less than two years now. I have a hard palpable plaque on one side of the base of the penis and a significant curvature to the right .

This year I have experienced a reduction in size during erections and that makes me think that the disease is still progressing. Thats why im still eager to do anything to slow it down.

How do I find a doctor that will prescribe me pentoxifylline or other medication that has been proven to work?
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