VED Injury - SOMACorrect - Advice needed.

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I've been using SOMACorrect for quite sometime and always follow the rules - I hadn't used the pump for nearly 2 weeks and I used it today, the same as usual and seem to have suffered an injury.

The skin around the underneath of my glands all the way around has become slightly swollen.

I'm uncircumcised and in particular at the back of my glands has become balloon like, and I'm wondering how concerned I should be.

The penis semi flaccid but the bubble is quite large and I assume full of blood.

This all happened a couple of hours ago and there doesn't seem to be any change.

Any advice greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

First noticed November 2022 - appeared overnight!
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Something like this happened to a member named "Neo" I believe. If it gives you any peace he thought his dick was ruined but he turned out ok. I'd give it some time and monitor.  
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Are you in physical pain? Do you actually see any blood/bruising?  I would apply some gentle heat therapy and leave it alone. I'm sure things will go back to normal.
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