Stopping VED made my D a little better

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Been off the forum for a couple weeks but wanted to hop on and keep a diary still of my condition.

Stopped the VED use and my penis overall feels healthier. I'm getting morning wood (to an extent) most days but bare in mind, my penis is completely deformed/broken now. I do believe this is due to using the VED now which is a shame but seeing/feeling it look a little better than before is better than nothing.

I have been doing slight manual traction and have definitely regained at least 1cm though so having that alongside my penis feeling overall healthier puts a slight smile on my face.

I will still be opting for a implant as sex is completely impossible. I'm waiting to hear back from Dr Ralph.

Loss of length is my biggest irk now. I'm currently at 14/15cm with my weird deformed erection so lost quite a lot vs before Peyronies. I had no idea what I was before but it feels considerably smaller. I say all this just as another reminder to any one new to the disease as to be careful with the remedies. I wish all I did was use cialis when I first found out now but that's spilt milk.

My goal now is to get an implant, hopefully be at LEAST 5.1INCH erect and I hear implant might give girth so that would make up a bit for loss of length. My positive self talk I'm trying to convince myself is that if I have a smaller size than what I used to have at least I can have sex with no time limit and I'll put that to better use with the ladies.

Cheers all
29 y/o diagnosed 13 Jun 22.

went from a slight 30dg bend at glans to whole thing being deformed/loss of length over a year.

trying to find a way out of this all


You had a down curve right? How much in lenght have you lost? Could you go into a bit more detail about what exactly has become worse in terms of deformity? Is it the hourglass or the curve? If you notice the penis feeling better without VED then yeah it's prob best to stay away.

Although prior to an implant it would be a good idea to stretch in the VED as much as you can.
30 years. Sudden rightwards curve detected in June 2020
Narrowing on right side and about a 20° curve to the right.
ED + instability due to narrowing.