Leaving Cialis due to Tinnitus, help...

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I was taking 2.5 mg Cialis daily before bed and it was helping, however was increasing my Tinnitus, I started taking L-Arginine 1000 mg 3 x day on an empty stomach since a couple days ago and suddenly my Tinnitus spiked up considerably... Will stop both Cialis and Arginine, which sucks because both are really helpful, but would like to hear your suggestions regarding alternative supplements or how could I avoid hearing loss while trying to save my penis from this awful condition... What should I do??? Still on Pentox 3 x day...  
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Sorry to hear about your tinnitus experience. I had this happen to me 6 weeks after peyronies treatment was started in 2020 and it is a rare occurrence. You could try just the Cialis again to see if this is what is causing the ringing. If it is I caution you to be careful with your ears. My Dr had me quit all meds and I just focused on traction and VED therapy along with heat therapy. I took the CoQ10 and other supplements and started eating very healthy and exercising. My goal was to eliminate/reduce inflammation in my body and to stop worrying and obsessing over my penis. My peyronies has ceased but unfortunately I am disabled now from the damage done to my ears.  
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