Can peyronnies cause scar tissue to stop making the penis grow frontward?

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It gives the possibility to not make it gro straight, but does it have the capability to stop growing in size due to a large amass of scar tissue? I am not joking or making light of this, I don't expect much traffic coming through here so I put it in the Ed section out of consideration just in case somebody browses through it
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Peyroneis scar tissue has the ability to deform the penis internally by restricting the complete filling of the corpus Cavernosum. It's kind of like
placing a piece of tape on an uninflated balloon. Then try to blow it up and see
how it is deformed. The scar tissue can form anywhere inside of these chambers
and cause so many different deformities. When blood fills this space it tries
to give you a firm erection, but if there is any scar tissue this process is affected. So yes size can be affected along with length, girth and direction...
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