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Hi, I feel like a lot of members (including myself) will make an initial post and won't visit the site ever again, or perhaps years later, only to be in this journey alone -- which we have all encountered.

I have been a member since 2011 and rarely ever on here; but now feel like this website is really a great resource and can be utilized in ways to accommodate the new forum member.

Perhaps there could be a questionnaire during registration that asks what are the goals with the forum, and periodically (via inbox / email) some thread with the information they had signed up for.  Or maybe there is a group dedicated to those who have just been diagnosed and want to hear from others in the same boat, etc.  Maybe even another group of those who have conquered this disease, which can be a great resource for those wanting to hear something positive for a change.

These are just a few suggestions, but overall still very grateful for this website!

Thank you
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Good suggestions but not sure how to implement. People come here for many different reasons as you pointed out.
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That's the sad reality, sometimes. There are several factors but the most common ones are people reaching a point in where they are comfortable with their outcome in case they had surgery. Or some linger here for years and never pursue any type of treatment so they just need a break from the forum. Others simply will not stay regardless of their outcome or treatment path. And then... We have the few that contribute and want to learn about their condition as well as help others.

In the end... I don't think things will change. That's just the nature of the board.

I used to resent it a lot that people wouldn't stay. But I have learned to accept it. I like to think that the ones that left are in a better place. Somehow... Somewhere.