Nesbit corporoplasty for congenital penile curvature

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Hi guys, I wanted to report my experience so maybe someone could help me. I've had congenital penile curvature, I exclude Peyronies Disease because I remember my penis being bent even in my adolescence at 17 yo (I'm now 20 yo)(although I'm not completely sure). My penis is bent downwards about 60 degrees and is also bent a little bit to the left. Last October I went under surgery here in Padua, Italy and I had a Nesbit corporoplasty with circumcision.

The first and second month, although my erections weren't full, I noticed the penis to be straighter, now after 8 months however it seems like it is as it was before surgery, little to no difference. Can anyone help me? I've learned to live with it, meaning I've accepted my faith, I've never been in a relationship and never experienced intimacy (nor I know if ever will), I've been really working on myself and despite all my problems I really consider myself to be a good potential partner, excluding the sexual part of the penis. However the loneliness hits hard sometimes, not always, sometimes. I've heard about a private dr. Kuehas in Austria, the operation costs money (here in Italy I got it for free because it was, and still is, a serious problem), and my thought was to try another operation later on when I'll be like 25 and I'll have my money, hoping to finally fix it, I just hope I can resist living.

Btw I also have varicocele V grade gg
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Did your surgeon confirm your 60 degree downward curve? I'm asking as some men don't understand how to measure curves. Directions for Measuring Curvature

Downward curves are more of a problem (less forgiving during intercourse). Typically surgery is the way to go. I don't know what specific procedure you had, or how skilled your surgeon is. But it sounds like something was not done correctly. Do NOT give up hope. It may take another surgery done by a more competent surgeon in order to fix your problem correctly.
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