Need advice on 90-degree erection angle and more questions.

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Hey guys, so basically ever since I was young my penis has been curved to the left. And every time I get erections they are pointing 90 degrees towards my abdomen. I try to pull it down but it doesn't really move that much.

This makes it feel very tight and I can only really do missionary and reverse cow girl with women while doggy and most other positions are painful.

On top of this BS I think I have peyronies as well. With ongoing 24/7 flaccid pain for 2.5 to 3 years now since I was around 18 or 19 ish.

I went to the docs office finally for the 2nd time so he could examine me again so my referral to urology could be validated.

 I showed him my dick and palated the hard spot on the left side of my shaft where all my  pain mostly is. He agreed and said it felt harder in that spot.

 I have a referral to UCSF should I request to see Dr. Lue specifically?

On top of the pain I've been suffering with pretty bad erectile dysfunction. With either no erections or weak nocturnal erections, no spontaneous ones at all anymore.

The doc gave me 5mg of Cialis upon my request. It helps the erections a little bit but they don't stay up for very long.

I just met this girl should I take 20mg of or 15mg of Cialis before hanging out with her? I don't want  to get PTSD from not being able to satisfy another girl again.

 What do the veterans of this forum recommend me to do?

Also is there anything I can do about the 90 degree angle of my erections? It's always almost stuck to my stomach. Is there a surgery for this or anything? I'm definitely envious of the guys whos dicks stand up towards the ceiling or out.


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