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Hi all. So, like the title says, I'm new to this and scared. My trouble only started about 3 or 4 months ago. I'm waiting for my first actual urologist appt about a month and a half from now. After reading about all of the possible treatments and varying degrees of success, I'm feeling a little hopeless. Not to mention that I'm definitely on the small side (and now very small side) which leaves me feeling like there's not enough left to work with. Anyone else with small penises have any luck with treatments? I'm extremely worried and also concerned that this is going to be an issue for the rest of my life. Just feeling hopeless at the moment.
Onset Feb 2023.  Diagnosis by primary care physician 6\6\2023. Awaiting first urologist appointment in Sept 2023 for specific details. Gay\married 10 years.


Hi, I understand how you might feel and I know it is only natural to fear the worst.

I know that development of the disease doesn't necessarily mean you will experience a reduction in size or any significant changes to the structure. Though of course I don't know the full details of your case.

There is every chance your condition will stabilise and you will be able to get on with your life.

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Worsening in 2021 with a slight curvature and increased indentation
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I wasn't particularly small at 6" but it shrank to about 4.8" with Peyronies Disease and with the RestoreX I got back to 6". So I heartily recommend that if you can get one.  
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