Hard Flaccid or Peyronies Disease?

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I've been dealing with ED for a while now but I noticed something different recently.

On the right side of my penis, everything is soft to touch. On my left side it's different. I wouldn't say it's a localized solid lump but it's a tightness below the head of my penis going into my scrotum area. Almost like a line. I can press from the top left side all the way down. Compared to each side, the feel is hard vs soft but not rock solid. Like it's tensed up. Ik Peyronies Disease plaque is hard lumps but I can't see this being that since what I feel is going all the way down (I could be wrong).

When I do get erections my penis looks the same as before. Flaccid and semi has more curve/pull though.

Does anyone have this similar issue? Any takes on if it's Pelvic tightness/HF or Plaque/Peyronies Disease?
27 yrs Old, started May 2021/ trauma-induced by a mechanical device, No pain
Urologist said its not Peyronies Disease
Congenital curve 20 deg with numbness, and sensation issues
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