A letter to my Co-Pilot

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This is a letter to my co-pilot in life. I see you. I know you sometimes feel so alone with this condition, but I'm right here with you. To me, you are still the most wonderful, kind, and talented human being I have ever had the privilege to meet, let alone walk alongside in this life. But you don't see that now. Because of the Peyronies, you can no longer see the spectacular person other people can.

Please, please don't give up my love. I promise you that we'll figure this out one way or another. We're REALLY good at figuring out life's problems, you and I. I just need you to believe that life can and will get better if we just try a multi-faceted approach. You know what you always say. Throw enough jelly at the tree and some of it will stick.

I'm not going anywhere, as long as you want me. I love you endlessly, and no amount of curves, dents, or hourglassing will make me feel otherwise. Let's kick this thing's arse together. <3  
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Bud luck

That is so beautiful and encouraging, GOD bless you for thinking the way you do, for how long are you with your co-pilot?
My first symptoms started early in 2019
I tried Traction device, Pentofixiline, Q10, TRT, L-Argenine, cialis
I have narrowing/dent/hinge on the left side of my shaft
My ED is getting worse
Had a PRP shot Aug 2021
I have a girlfriend
Age 46


Hey Bud Luck!

Thank you for your lovely response. We have been co-piloting together for almost three years now! How time is flying by! Peyronie's struck a little under a year ago, and I have been watching my wonderful partner lose himself bit by bit, day by day. I can't tell you how painful it has been to watch him suffer from this horrible condition. I feel so helpless and I'm so scared that he will one day decide that life isn't worth living. He has expressed a desire to "not be here" in his darker moments, which to me just conveys the level of despair and hopelessness he's feeling. To him, this suffering is unending, but I just want him to see that there is light behind the clouds. It's there...it just feels very far away right now.

I want to learn more and provide support for him in any way I can, but I'm finding it difficult to communicate to him exactly how I feel because there is a natural dichotomy between what I could possibly understand and his reality. I hope that maybe he'll see this message and be reminded each day that I'm here. Just in case we don't speak about it enough. Just in case.

I'm terrified of losing him to this.

Thank you Bud for your response. Stay safe and take care of yourself.  
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