Urologist's who perform Verapamil injections in the Midwest

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I had what I would consider great results with Xiaflex, unfortunately I still have a curve that is under the 30 degree limit for Xiaflex to treat.  I can feel a "nodule" that is still present on one side of my dick.  

My question is are there any docs in the Midwest that still use Verapamil injections?  Or is there anyway around the 30 degree requirement for continued Xiaflex injections?

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Treatments have included Verapamil injections, Pentox, and Xiaflex.
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I think Levine in Chicago does verapamil injections. He is on my radar. I scheduled with Dr.Trost and his staff are awesome but I think Is too far for me to go to Utah for just an injection just want a solid treatment plan first.

Also I was looking into PDL labs they have a patented verapamil with one study (probably funded by PDL labs) and they say it penetrates the skin but who knows if it works I check and the price is way more expensive than my regular verapamil cream.
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Trimix worked well but caused more scarring. 
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