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I'm new to posting on this forum. Although I have been a member for quite some time, I've never posted, as I've tended to browse the posts more in the hope of finding a solution, and then take a break as it sometimes seems to get quite depressing to overdo the constant thinking and worrying about this awful ailment.

Age - 31

Age at onset - 25
I first noticed signs of Peyronie's around six years ago when I was 25. I'm 31 now and the progression continues for me. I went to the bathroom one morning to urinate and noticed my penis felt slightly uncomfortable and seemed crooked slightly in it's flaccid state. It seemed to hang to the left slightly. This seemed to go and did not bother me again for the next couple of days. Then it returned. It became more and constant, until it seemed like it was like this most days. My erect penis was still fairly straight at this time.

I then noticed on one occasion when I began to get an erection that the right hand side filled up earlier than the left. I knew that something had started to go wrong with my penis. Pain during the day became usual for me, not to mention the constant discomfort of my penis bending and twisting to one side in it's flaccid state. My erect penis then began to curve more to the left during the next few years, until within the last year or so an indentation began to appear between the middle and base of my penis on the left hand side. It began to bend more at this point. I visited various urologists/andrologists/gps, none of which were any help at all. And decided to read up on why this was happening, and possible solutions to it. After accepting I probably was suffering from Peyronie's disease (although I've never had any palpable lumps and ultrasound scans showed nothing), I decided to try various oral supplements and a traction device. By this time my penis had started to become very shrunken and 'turtled'. I used the traction device religiously everyday for a period of several months. Although immediately after using the device my penis was always hardened and uncomfortable, I could see it was having an effect on the turtle effect I had acquired. The constant stretching of my penis began to have an effect on the indentation too. Rather than an immediate, sudden indentation, it seemed to turn into more of a curve, like the indentation had been stretched out. My penis still went in at this point, but it just seemed like the area was more stretched out. The curvature became less, and erections seemed to be stronger and firmer. On top of this I seemed to have gained about an extra 3/4" in length! BUT, my penis still seemed very thin at times, noticeably when flaccid. I do not think the traction decide made my penis thin, as it already seemed to be losing girth before I started use with it.

I stopped using the device everyday as I think it's effects had pretty much ceased. The plaque or whatever was causing the indentation did not seem to be stretching anymore. It was around this time that I met my current girlfriend. The first couple of attempts at intimacy did not go well. If I was able to achieve any sort of erection it would subside almost immediately. This really surprised me as I'd not suffered from any problems before, even after the onset of Peyronie's. I was still able to achieve erection adequately on my own and therefore put this down to anxiety and not being active for several months before this. I visited my doctor anyway and was prescribed Cialis, which has worked well for me, and although I am pretty sure I could perform without the help of Cialis, I still use a small amount fairly often as the discomfort I get from Peyronie's means I'm not always in the right state of mind to actually want to get intimate.

I'm now at a stage where the indentation continues to worsen, so does the curve. I have pretty much constant discomfort throughout the day, and this along with the psychological effect from the fact that my penis seems to be getting narrower, is at times exhausting to say the least. It's safe to say I hate my penis.

Psychological Component - My girlfriend and I very rarely talk about the problem, as although I'm definite it would help me to get a lot of the things off my chest, it just doesn't seem easy for either of us to talk about this. I'm currently due to see a psychologist which I'm hoping will help.

I think if at some point this thing would stop progressing, then maybe I could come to terms with it better. But it shows no signs of doing so. I see pictures of penises ruined by this disease and I dread this will happen to me too. I've tried almost all oral meds now (none of which I think has helped with the Peyronie's), and also the VED along with the traction. I've also ordered an infrared heat lamp, which I'm hoping will help with the pain at least.

Hopefully by posting this, others will know they are not the only ones suffering. And hopefully sometime, someone will be able to come up with a solution.

It seems the thing is to try and stay positive and aim to get through this. It's beneficial to see from several posts on here that in some of these cases the bending/curvature/pain/shrinking does seem to stop or stabilize. I'm just hoping this happens to me some day soon.

Thanks for reading.