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Xiaflex fix indentation?

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Hey all,

Anyone know if most urologists are making you wait a year for Xiaflex? I thought I read somewhere that now people were starting it earlier.

From my understanding the thought process was that you shouldn't get xiaflex while in the first year because things are still changing. What if your condition hasn't changed at all in the last few months and assuming you stay strict on your VED usage and the PAV cocktail AFTER the shot to ensure things stay straight?

Doesn't really make sense to me to have someone wait a year until the plaque hardens and everything sets. Wouldn't it be a good idea to STOP the disease from progressing and trying to remodel the penis straight, and then stay consistent on traction and modeling to keep it that way?

Also, in 2022, who are the best choices for
Xiaflex injections?

Has anyone ever used Xiaflex to remove the plaque mostly for the purpose of fixing indentations/hinge? Everything I've read says the indentation is a result of the plaque. Solve the plaque and id assume your penis would function as normal again. Maybe different if you let the plaque sit for 20 years. Which is again, why I'm not trying to wait forever to try injections. Im 2.5
Months in. Little to no changes since I noticed first symptoms and if anything only slight improvement- although prob the pentox and tadalafil.
36/Male/No underlying conditions: Symptoms began Sep 2022. Indentation mid-shaft right next to plaque. Mediocre erections with hinge effect. Taking Pentox 400mg 3x/day, Tadalafil 5mg daily, L-arginine, using heat, manual traction and VED.