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Well, after finally getting through the insurance nonsense, my Xiaflex injections were approved in an office setting and not in a pharmacy setting (well duh, not like anyone would want to administer this on himself). Once approved by insurance, the copay paid ($95) to CVS and shipment sent, the Dr's office called to set up the appointments (Gulp, I guess this is really happening). After being approved, things went very quickly. Quite impressed for once.

Wednesday (11/30) and Friday (12/2) I received my two injections. I will admit I was very nervous and scared with this whole idea of an injection in my man parts. For those who have not experienced it yet, I must admit, I felt more pain with the shot for my Ultrasound for diagnosis. It wasn't too bad and didn't last too long. The next morning there was some bruising and swelling down the shaft but nothing to be concerned with other than it not being pretty. Friday, having been through this once before two days prior, the shot wasn't as bad considering the bruising and swelling. The second shot has added a little more bruising and swelling but no other side effects. It is a little more sensitive but once again, nothing nearly like what we read about it when researching this. I think between both shots I have only taken two doses of Tylenol (325mg) and to be quite honest, probably could have forgone that.

I was able to do some stretching exercises Wednesday and Thursday (non-erect ones) and didn't have any pain. After Friday's injection I have not done any as it is a little more bruised and sensitive. Once that clears up, per the Dr., I can then start stretching it.

Please do not ask for pictures as I will not be sharing them, but will happily answer any questions. Hopefully by sharing my experiences, it can ease other's minds who are in the same situation. I will also post progress reports on how things go. I have my follow up scheduled in January and will also see and share what the Dr. says.

For those of you in my shoes, you've got this!


Thanks for the report. Glad it was overall fairly seamless for you.

I'm right behind you in that my insurance just approved and CVS pharmacy is trying to coordinate with me and my doc office. So, I'm on the cusp.

I have a few questions:

Are you using RestoreX? Or are you just doing manual stretching exercises?

Did you doctor wrap you? I was reading Dr. Trost's explanation of his method which seems to have higher rates of success. I'm not understanding how stretching would work exactly if you are wrapped. (Not that I'm sure if my doctor even does or recommends wrapping.)

Was VED mentioned? As goal is to stretch, or maybe even break, the plaque while it's compromised from the Xiaflex, I'm also curious why VED is seemingly not talked about with Xiaflex. Per Dr. Trost, Cialis is to create internal traction so it would make sense to me that VED would do the same. And especially so for folks like myself with hourglassing and denting.

Thanks again.

Noticed less morning, and less strong, erections 2020
Noticed dents/groove/hourglassing/hinge near base 2021.
Urologist had me start Pentox, Vit E, Cialis, RestoreX.
I also started VED and all supplements in the guide.


To answer your questions:

1. RestoreX - I am not using it. I was able to do some manual stretching the day after shot 1, but had to wait until last night after shot 2.

2. He didn't wrap me. The shots were administered and the stretching explained.

3. VED - the booklet I received from Xiaflex strongly recommend NOT using VED's due to how the shot works and the damage I guess it can cause.

Update: bruising/swelling is going away, sensitivity coming down and can tolerate stretching more. Pain has been non-existent and "junk" is slowly not becoming an eye sore anymore.

Mr man

Hello flyguy,

Have you experienced any positive results?
New routine. Daily traction with restorex 30 mins. With 45 min UV heat treatment using a lamp. Gone from being 30 degree bend to 30 degree curve. Giving peptides a go. Totally new treatment.