Painful Night Erections.

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Hoping to have luck here. I developed Peyronies over 2 years ago. Over the last 6 months, my major issue is my nightly erections cause pain that wakes me up. I am in my early 30s and erectile dysfunction is not an issue but I am curious how my Peyronies narrowing/slight dorsal curvature could be contributing to this nightly routine.

Like clockwork, after I fall asleep an erection will come on after ~2 hours and I will need to use the bathroom to find relief. Subsequent erections probably happened ~2-3 hour intervals and will wake me up, causing pain/discomfort until it recedes to 25% strength or so. I do not have issues while awake.

Could there be some type of priapism developing? I can attest that during these nightly bouts it does feel like some erections take 30+ to subside to a comfortable level. What would be a good treatment?
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