If I used RestoreX wrong/inconsistently, could I try again & still get results?

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I've been using RestoreX for a couple of months, but I'm not sure if I've been doing it correctly (I have learning disabilities and I can't find a single tutorial of an actual person using it). Would I be able to stop now, try to learn more about it, the restart the 3 months cycle and still get good results?


Hey! I have not used RestoreX and don't have the answer to your question, but regarding your learning disability and wanting to watch someone use this device, I may have found a source for you.

At 4:40, this person says they have an OnlyFans on which they show a demonstration of using the device. Came across this today and was pretty taken aback to say the least, because I didn't think OF was an educational site at all. I haven't watched his demonstration and can't vouch for it, just pointing you towards something that might be useful.

Edit: There's also a video by Dr. Landon Trost, but it's a demonstration on a toy penis. I'm not sure what the challenge posed by the learning disability is but if this works for you, here:
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