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Hi All -  My urologist wants to do a doppler ultrasound on me in a couple months.  I have a few questions

1 - are there any real risks with it.  I think I am against the xiaflex based on reviews but I think this isn't a big deal the doppler
2 -  he mentioned wanting to do it so he can see the plaque (which he felt and identified) and to check blood flow.  However I have zero issues with ED, so I was wondering if he could just do the ultrasound flaccid for the plaque?

What do you guys think,  is there a need to be erect if I'm not having any ED syptoms?
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Honestly I would say it's a good idea as it gives the doctor a broader and clearer picture of the issues at hand. You will obviously be injected with something to induce an erection but it will only be one time so I do not think there are any major risks with it. Serious urologists perform doppler regularly.

You could always ask him to be sure but my opinion is that an Ultrasound could be of good value as it offers more clarity for both patient and doctor. However it must also be said that even ultrasounds can sometimes be flawed as some things might go undetected even after it's performed.

Best of luck on your ultrasound and I hope if you perform it you'll get good news.
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I have done it several times already, it is not big deal, except for the pinch you get from the injection.

It is not the same thing doing it without erections, for two main reasons:
1. With erection your doctor can assess the blood flow into your penis - even if you don't have ED, if you have Peyronie it is important to check this.
2. With erection your doctor can better assess the location of the plaque, its size, its thickness, etc...

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