new to the disease would love all your guys advice

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Hi guys ive been sorta viewing this forum from a far for last few months sifting through all the discussions decided to finally join, any how Im in my early 20's injured my self from what I belive a girl pulling on it almost like a jelq downwards but stretched it to far and i felt imediate awful pain, this was 4 months ago, the base is now very hard fells like hardent tendons, when erect the sides of the base get really hard at the bottom and some noticable narrowing at the neck with some id say minor lenghth loss but increase girth at bottom and girth loss at neck. Erections arnt quite as good as use to be. Uro seemed unknowledgable on topic and next appoint with specialist is in like october. through my own research i started on Vitmain E, ACETYL L carnitine, L arginine, Bromelain, Gotu Kola, Potaba and pentox i tricked a female doc at a clinic to give me pentox, any way i was wondering if there is anything else i could do. and if sex and maturbation helps or makes it worse. would love to get girth back especially around the neck. would love all ur guys advice


My first advice would be to read all that you can on this forum concentrating on those threads discussing Pentox, CoQ10/Ubiquinol, AND VED.  That is where you start.  Those of us who have been here a long time have a hard time finding time to reinvent the wheel for each new poster.  You are the one in need.  The help is here.  You need to be proactive and read, read, read.  Once you have done that intensively for a couple of weeks you will then have specific questions and can really get some answers around here.  I KNOW you have already been reading up, and that is good, but Pentox, CoQ10 and VED are the best treatments out there at this point and that is what you need to concentrate on learning all you can about.  - George


All I can do is tell you about my experience with peyronies disease and hope it helps you in some way, but obviously I know that peyronies can be so different from one person to the next. I was sent to a uroligist in October 2010 and diagnosed with Peyronies disease and also told that curviture was probably inevitable due to the ammount of plaque at the base of my penis. I was then advised to take vitamin E and told that the pain when having an erection would eventually settle down and that I should go back to my doctor a few months later if the curviture becomes severe. This was something I was not willing to accept or wait for and decided to battle it in my own way head on. Anyway in July this year my doctor  was amazed to find that even though there is a small dent on both sides at the base of my penis my peyronies seems to have cleared up and even though I know I have been very lucky all I can do is tell you what I did and hope it helps you.
1; I did not spend vast amounts of money on so-called miracle cures
2; I abstained from sex for 6 months
3; I used a good Vitamin E cream and spent on average of 15 minutes every night and sometimes in the morning massaging the area where the plaque is and gently stretching it; but i would advise you to stop if the penis starts to become erect. Health Aid Vitamin E cream was good for me and I still use it  because I'm terrified of it coming back; But you have to decide which is the best Vitamin E for you;
4; Be patient and try and stay positive. Anyway I hope this helps you and good luck.


I also forgot to tell you as well as the regular massage I took co-enzyne Vitamin E twice a day;