Concerned about new bumps after RestoreX use

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Hi all,

I was diagnosed in late July after an injury during intercourse in June. Unfortunately, my Urologist shrugged and said "come back in a year".

I have a dorsal plaque 2/3rds my shaft that results in about a 30-40 degree upward curve, if I had to estimate.

Among other treatments (mostly oral supplements and diet change), I've been using RestoreX for about 6 weeks now.

A couple of weeks ago, I noticed a new lump that is more prominent on the left side of my shaft, just behind and a bit under the glans. It feels more internal and softer than my main plaque, but is still very palpable. It is mostly painless except for an dull ache or burning sensation every now and then. After recent sessions, the new lump seemed greatly inflamed and much more obvious and painful. After a few hours it seems to get smaller and resume being painless. It has not yet resulted in any change to my erection or a new curvature.

I'm concerned this is a result of my RestoreX use. I'm making an effort to clamp the glans directly at all times now, though when I started out I was clamping just directly behind the ridge of the glans as explained by the manual I received with my RestoreX. I'm also using the makeup pads mod as recommended by many members of this forum.

I haven't yet seen a noticeable improvement to my curvature, though the pain I was having with erections and during sex nearly entirely disappeared almost overnight, and my hinge seems greatly improved, resulting in firmer erections overall.

I am still optimistic that with continued use I can impart some positive effects to my curvature but have been terrified to keep using it (I've missed the last 3 sessions).  I'm _really_ hoping I'm just feeling a thrombosed vein or some other minor injury sustained from traction, but it's very hard to me optimistic after my last 6 months - a feeling I'm sure we all can relate to.

Does anyone have any experience with a similar new lump after using RestoreX? Would continuing my RestoreX treatment for another 6 weeks seem ill-advised?  
- 32 years old, diagnosed in July 2022 after a June injury during sex
- 30 degree upward curve; dorsal plaque 2/3 the way up the shaft
- RestoreX, L-Citrulline, Acetyl-L-Carnitine CoQ10, NSAIDs, and a pescatarian keto diet w/ 18/6 IF


Hey Jotru22:

Please do not clamp on the glans. The manual specifically states for one not to do that. As far as i have read here and on the restorex website/videos i've seen you wouldn't be further injuring yourself using the device.

Could it just be the disease progressing by itself and you assuming it's the device? Are you using it within the recommended time limits and not overclamping/overextending?


Hey Pfract, appreciate the response.

I guess I'm unclear on where to clamp then, if not the shaft nor the glans.

I considered it could be the natural progression of the disease, but I guess there's no way to know. It seemed to come on after only a few weeks of using RestoreX.

I try to stay within 30 minutes total, 15 straight, with the remaining 15 minutes split between counter bend position 3 and 4. Sometimes I lose track of time and do go over by a couple minutes, but nothing crazy.

I clamp only to the point where I'm confident I won't slip out. Usually this is 2 clicks during the straight session, but all 3 are required for counter bending.

As far as overextending, I watched a video ( wherein Dr. Trost explained that in ideal circumstances, you would try to bury as much of the rod as possible. So this is what I tend to do. Straight traction is very comfortable, obviously the counter bend is a bit more uncomfortable, and during counter bend is when I feel the most pressure and inflammation on the new sore area behind my glans.

It's been 3 days and I can still feel the lump in the tender area that I'm concerned about, but it is much less inflamed.

Worth mentioning, I did some digging after registering on this forum and found this helpful answer from Dr. Trost himself in his section of the forum:

QuoteQuestion - Does the clamp result in new plaque / scars near the head of the penis?

Answer - We haven't seen anything like that in any of our 5 studies we've done so far with Restorex (probably a combined 500 patients or more).  In those studies, men used the device up to 9 months.  In all of the studies, men self-reported findings, and we performed examinations as well.  I have probably had several thousand patients use the device now, and I've never had one report findings like you're mentioning after use.  I have had, however, many patients who have complained about plaques in that area (nearly all younger men in 20's/30's, most of whom didn't/don't have Peyronies Disease).  Every time I've examined them / done ultrasounds, we've never confirmed a true plaque.  It's nearly always just the normal anatomy in that area.  In many cases, these were high anxiety patients (often with histories of anxiety/depress) who focused heavily on the penis and started noticing things that they hadn't noticed before.  This is also common when men will come in with a new vein that they hadn't noticed before.  So, based on all of this, I think there are a few possibilities:

1 - It's very rare (i.e. happens in rare cases)
2 - It's temporary and stops after discontinuing use (i.e. like the callouses you get on your hands when doing yardwork etc.)
3 - The device clamp isn't being used correctly.  The clamp isn't designed to clamp down on the tunica at all (it only clamps the head).  I've seen several people who try to clamp the shaft as well as the head, but this isn't the correct way to use it.  Also, it's designed to be used with a wrap around the head to help it stick and offset any direct force.
4 - The suspected plaque is from thickening of the ligaments which attach the head to the corpora.  Just like the callouses concept, as the penis is stretched, it's possible that the body strengthens the connections between the head and corpora.  These would be expected to soften up over time.
5 - The area doesn't truly have a plaque but is just being noticed more.  Most people don't realize that this is where the corpora all comes together (distal areas of both cylinders + septum).  When people self-examine this area (i.e. draw attention to it), they often feel like there is a plaque there (very common).  But in reality, it's normal anatomy.  

So with that in mind, I'm considering starting treatment again tonight. Still pretty terrified though. I just hate the thought of doing nothing when maybe before I was helping to prevent progression.  
- 32 years old, diagnosed in July 2022 after a June injury during sex
- 30 degree upward curve; dorsal plaque 2/3 the way up the shaft
- RestoreX, L-Citrulline, Acetyl-L-Carnitine CoQ10, NSAIDs, and a pescatarian keto diet w/ 18/6 IF


You put the line of the latching part of the clamp right where the glans intersects the shaft (see "Instructions for use" pg. 17). The line right where the shaft intersects the glans. Yes, the glans is in the clamp, but the clamp latch is clamped just below that.

Hope that this helps.
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