ultraphonophoresis with Contractubex

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Hi guys,

I found an old study.

"This is a report on 12 cases of IPP, who were treated with 100 sessions of ultraphonophoresis with Contractubex®. 11 other patients quitted treatment after 8-80 sessions for different reasons. The results, 1 complete disappearance, 6 marked and 5 partial regressions of indurated areas with disappearance of erectional pain even after a few sessions are compared with other forms of therapy."

I will try to get access to the complete study and discuss the issue with my urologist since contractubex contains Heparin. The ultraphonphoresis had a transducer with 1.2 cm² radiating area and sonication was performed at 1 watt per cm² for 15 min.

Further information about the study:

Aktuelle Urol 1988; 19(4): 195-197
DOI: 10.1055/s-2008-1061380

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