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Pain / numbness

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Hello , I'm new to this site and 6 weeks ago I had plication surgery . I tried to
Masterbate at week 5 and have been dealing with pain and soreness that has not gone away. The sutures look to be about healed and there's no breaks from what I can see . How long does the pain / soreness / numbness last?  For this of you guys who have dealt with or dealing with it , what helps provide some comfort ? I'm trying to
Convince myself that it just takes time to
Heal but my anxiety about all this through the roof .


For sure it takes time, be patient. I had excisions and grafting surgery which is a little more invasive than plication. Doc said to do nothing for 6 weeks, and then to be very careful after that. I still had some numbness and pain for several weeks. I would say it was about 3 months before everything was "back to normal".

Hang in there.
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