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I first developed Peyronies following an accident during sex back in 2012 with my wife and I am now 54. Recently I have seen some improvement and felt compelled to join, so I can pass on what I am seeing.

First I think some background information would be useful. After the initial shock I saw a couple urologists that didn't help at all. I actually believe the second did a lot of damage through rough handling during examination and I have stayed away from doctors ever since. Obviously I am well past the early stages and for years lived with permanent hourglass narrowing, particularly on the left hand side. This is an addition to upward curvature and for the last 5 years I have had a soft glan that makes it very difficult to penetrate.

Over the years I have tried Pentox, Cialis, traction, VED, ultrasound and practically every supplement ever mentioned for Peyronies with no improvement. Throw in meditation, stretching exercises, hypnosis and it's just been endless. I called myself fartoolong, because this has gone on for far too long.

For many years now my penis has had a long rubber like scarring extending the full length along the top from the base to the start of the head. There are times when it seemed really soft and other times when it was hard like a piece of gristle. Certain things like masturbation or sitting too long seem to make it worse.

In recent months I became progressively more frustrated by the the way my endless efforts were just not showing results and I don't need to explain the psychological aspects to anybody who is married and had this for 10 years. The biggest stress for me was that in the last year my erections were proving difficult to obtain and short lived, despite taking a bunch of supplements like Citrulline Malate and others aimed to boost them. None of them were helping at all and very frustratingly I found that erections would die in seconds if I stood up or even turned to my side, which I suspected was venous leakage.

Two years ago I switched to a plant based diet after watching a documentary called the game changer and while it seemed to help a bit with my general health there was nothing incredible and the Peyronies was clearly no better.

About two months ago I was about to embark on using DMSO, which I have always been wary of trying, but it felt like the last chance saloon. I had been watching a bunch of YouTube videos on healing and went back to some by a Dr Brooke Goldner, who healed her own Lupus with a strict protocol that has also helped others with a variety of autoimmune conditions. It excludes all animal products, including meat, fish & dairy, alcohol, sugar, oils, supplements and processed foods. Then it goes heavy on raw cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower & cabbage, ground flax seeds for omega 3 and big amounts of water. She recommends vegetable smoothies as being easier to consume, though I've just been eating raw vegetables. This is basically about hyper nutrition, while excluding everything that can cause problems so your body has every chance to heal.

When I looked at my own diet I realised this wouldn't be a major shift for me and just required a bit more discipline. I had already stopped with the dairy and meat a couple years ago, however I was still eating a certain amount of processed foods like rice you can microwave or pasta sauces in jars etc. The supplements have clearly not been working, so the other two big changes would be adding at least a half cup of ground flax seeds and 12+ glasses of water every day. On top of that she recommends good sleep hygiene, practicing gratitude and generally trying to adopt a positive mindset.

For the first ten days I saw no real change. Maybe slightly better erections, but still pretty sad and that could vary a little anyway. The only real difference seemed to be trips to the bathroom during the night with the increased water intake. Previously I was only drinking maybe 3 glasses a day at most and mainly relying on coffee. I looked at more of her videos and one highlighted that the vegetables have to be raw. For the most part I had been steaming them and the switch to raw is when the magic started.

After another 10 days I started to get morning wood for the first time in ages and as the days pass it is clear to me this strict protocol is delivering very tangible improvements. I can feel it not just with my Peyronies but also my general sense of well being. I am sharper mentally and just feel better.

Specifically with the Peyronies the upward curvature remains, however it was not that bad before and I am hoping that more time will see that improve. The hour glass narrowing has reduced remarkably from a sharp cut in to a very mild indentation that seems to be improving rapidly and I've only been sticking to this for about a month so far. The erections are so much better and haven't been like this in 10 years, plus they actually last and don't just die if I stop masturbating or move. I have to say that alone has worked miracles for my optimism and self confidence. The glan at the top still has some softness, however that has reduced from around 50% to less than 30%.

In a nutshell I still have Peyronies, but the fairly rapid improvements are too obvious to ignore and I think it would be naive to call this a spontaneous reversal after this length of time and I am hoping to see continued improvement. All of this has basically been achieved with nothing but foods you can buy from the supermarket, some discipline and perhaps a small mix of faith that it might work. I hope this is useful for others. Having watched a lot of those videos by Dr Goldner on Youtube I remember one or two where she said this works at a cellular level and that feels like what I am experiencing, so I fully intend to keep going.  
55 years old. First developed Peyronie's in 2012. Tried all the usual treatments without success and generally only got worse. Seeing improvement following a move to a raw whole food plant based diet, plus flax seeds, lots of water and yoga.


A few points spring to mind:

1) It may prove difficult at first if you are not used to eating a plant-based diet because of the big increase in fiber that might cause you stomach issues, so maybe ease into it slowly for a month or more first. I switched to a plant-based diet in one step, and it was fine, however raw vegetables are a bigger challenge on digestion, so you may well find it easier using the smoothies as the protocol suggests.

I have simply been eating a couple of pounds of mixed raw cruciferous vegetables a day in addition to some fruit, then it is lots of water, ground flax seeds, and not much else. I do enjoy adding something like a sweet potato with turmeric and other spices, though. That is fine in addition to the cruciferous vegetables, and this doesn't need to be tasteless.

Something that helped me in terms of consumption is buying frozen vegetables then letting them defrost. The result is a soggy mess and frankly not a great taste, but I am seeing results and that is all I care about. Another advantage of frozen vegetables is that they are frozen when really fresh.

2) Chew your vegetables really well. That is what releases the nitrates and enzymes that work the magic.

3) The doctor in question has helped a number of people recover from various serious autoimmune diseases, though Peyronies has never been mentioned as far as I know. That may be because nobody wanted to be identified or possibly I am the first to try. One point she makes is that if you commit 100% without shortcuts, you will see results and often quickly. If you try half measures or even 95%, you will really struggle. I figure that even if it doesn't directly cure your Peyronies, it will likely improve your general health.

I was eating a plant-based diet already for more than two years, but I saw none of these obvious improvements until removing all processed foods, then adding raw cruciferous vegetables, lots of water, and at least half a cup of ground flaxseeds a day. It seems you need the full combination for rapid recovery.

4) One thing I have had to get used to is nightly trips to the bathroom and sometimes twice in a night. Previously I would always go through the night without getting up, but the big increase in water, plus all the water in the fruit and vegetables, invariably means a 3:00 am trip to the toilet.

5) I did wonder if the addition of flax seeds might be improving my erections indirectly by helping the prostate since they are well known for this. There is a lot of conflicting information out there regarding flax seeds, and much of it is ill-informed. Some guys freak out when they see estrogen mentioned, but they contain phytoestrogen, which is very different. So far, I can only see positive signs.  

I will add further posts later to document if I see further improvement or otherwise. One strange thing lately is that the soft glans, which has shown improvement during erections lately, has a mild rash on the skin. It's not painful or itchy, but I cannot think of any external cause for that, making me think that something is going on internally.  
55 years old. First developed Peyronie's in 2012. Tried all the usual treatments without success and generally only got worse. Seeing improvement following a move to a raw whole food plant based diet, plus flax seeds, lots of water and yoga.


Very interesting!

I will also try to eat that way... I have been seeing improvements in blood flow just by eating no gluten/wheat, more plants/vegetables, less alcohol, almost no meat, lots of flax seeds and recently I have been adding fish oil for omega3.

I now get morning erections and my libido has been increasing, which feels great. Pain and inflammation seem to be gone. I will continue.....

Please also continue to share your story !
31 yrs old; in a supportiv relationship
first symptoms and diagnosed in february 2018
severe progression since spring 2020
several plaque/indentations and currently 40° up curve


 "Commercially produced frozen broccoli lacks the ability to form sulforaphane because vegetables are blanched (flash-cooked) before they're frozen for the very purpose of deactivating enzymes" I think other frozen veg e.g. peas are blanched too, just to note in case the enzymes are what you are going for. Freezing your broccoli yourself is different.  
Age 57, Onset 2010, 2" shortening, shrinking and angulation of glans, weaker erections, 30 degree bend. Mild pain few months, but far from worst symptom. Tried many ideas, not just from here, but not consistently. Moderate improvement, maybe 40%


That's very interesting and I hadn't thought of that, so I will definitely stick with fresh broccoli from now on where possible. I wasn't thinking specifically about sulforaphane with all of this, but actually it's very important.

I am half way through a video on Youtube at the moment about sulforaphane and it seems to do all kinds of clever things in the body. Broccoli sprouts in particular are a sulforaphane powerhouse and you can grow those easily at home in your kitchen.

On a general note I have been finding that when I eat more broccoli my healing gains seemed to be greater and most of that was fresh. I'd say it's worth keeping some frozen on hand as a backup, because it still has a lot to offer but focus on fresh raw. In an ideal world I guess we would all have organic as well but I know that might not be practical for most of us.  

Obviously I am new to the forum and I kind of realise now that this might have been better placed in another section of the forum for more open discussion if the moderators feels that is more appropriate.  
55 years old. First developed Peyronie's in 2012. Tried all the usual treatments without success and generally only got worse. Seeing improvement following a move to a raw whole food plant based diet, plus flax seeds, lots of water and yoga.