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Hello everyone,

So i have this symtomp that i cant understand and it seems nobody ever had it.

If i sit too long then later on i will feel unbearable pain in my penis. This made me unable to sit.
After the pain my penile sensations become reduced and also lose its "hold".

If i manage to rest it, then the sensations come back along side with some "hold" but its not resolve the issue.
The doctors have no clue but they think that there is something about with the "dorsal" nerve.

I also have some of the hard flaccid symptomps like frequent urination and bloating but i am not "hard flacid".
if i sit too long then my penis become spongy, "lazy", like sock that hold blood but its just hang.
It also happens somewhat when i laydown.(it was just the sock "without the blood")
I asked cialis after 10 days, because i was only able to achive erection if i do some stimulation.

With cialis my morning woods are back and i can get an erection only with my imagination but its only about 85% percent.
I thinking about cavejet but i have visible hourglassing and also i can feel that the bloodflow slower while coming out and that could cause more harm than good although cialis even improved the speed of the flow.

Anybody any idea what could caused this?
My last sexual encounter was rough but i did not experienced pain under, only after and also it took 12 days for this to kick in.
Self induced peyron 2022.04.?
Fibrous ring on the base.
Gluten free diet helped to sit down and enjoy sex again.
Still working on to get my original dick back.
Lost 0.5 inch in girth.
Narrowing, Right side does not fill properly.



I thought I was the only one experiencing these pains. Because of my job, I sit down most of the time. I feel pain in my back, but also in my private parts. I haven't seen a doctor yet, but I'm thinking of doing so very soon, as it's becoming more worrying.
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Sitting all the time certainly causes back pain, especially if your posture is not straight enough. We tend to bend when we sit and this is what causes these pains. For the private parts, I don't have much of an explanation, but maybe it's because of the hardness of the chair or a fixed and uncomfortable position.
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When you're sitting down try breathing exercises could be your pelvic floor playing up.
39 been noticing pain and curvature to the left and maybe a little upwards for around 6 months. Pain is most days now . Taking vitamin e and arginine daily.