My healing routine. Also, YESSSS to CASTOR OIL!!!!!

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Kintsugi Kintama

Hello all!


To anyone that's interested here's my story. I'll also explain what my personal routine is on a physical level. And lastly I'll mention some of my insights about the psychological struggles of Peyronie's and how to deal with that.

This is gonna sound sooo silly, but in my case, Peyronies was self inflicted, accidentally of course. I was initially having issues with PE (premature ejaculation), and so I was training a lot. Then I got a tick bite on my dick, but I just kept on training. Frantically beating myself into a pulp.

As a result there is a scar running vertically up my penis, and there are the typical calcified growths on the left side of my penis.

It's been a long journey but here is what has worked for me:


1. traction device -> keep it stretched out! Helps with blood flow.

2. castor oil! -> helps with blood flow. Apply liberally all the time. AMAZING.

3. red light therapy -> plenty of affordable lights on Amazon

4. do your research on sildenafil (viagra). If you don't have heart problems, there is evidence that taking it as a nightly supplement could be helpful. (I can attest).

5. stay very hydrated! -> blood flow and night boners

6. when you masturbate, stop before you ejaculate -> helps encourage night boners

7. Fasting. Thanks to a variety of mechanisms including ketogenesis, evidence suggests that fasting improves tissue repair, circulation, and reduces inflammation. Be careful about fasting with viagra in the system though, you might get light-headed 😅

8. Maaaaaayybbeee veganism. There's plenty of evidence that suggests that plant-based whole food diets improve circulation and reduce inflammation.

As you can probably guess, in my opinion it's all about blood flow. Anything you can think of to improve circulation is worth integrating into your daily routine. It's common knowledge that areas of the body with poor circulation heal the slowest.


All I can say is to do your best to shift away from looking at the world in a self-interested way.

What can you do for other people? What can you do for the world?

This transition is essential if you don't wanna fall into a depression.

Linguistic analysis shows us that depressed people use the words "I" and "me" more than healthy folks. And people with chronic diseases are very vulnerable to falling into this vicious spiral.

And this applies to your sex life too of course.

Your dick is NOT the main source of pleasure for your partner. It's all about using your hands and mouth, full body experience, you know what I mean.

It's not about you, it's about them. It's about compassion. That's life. It's just that Peyronie's makes us mature a little faster than we might've wanted 😅.

I really really hope that this post helps offer insight to someone! It's been quite a struggle, but the human body has an incredible potential for healing. Don't lose faith in your body or the world!
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On the physical comments, you really just can't know any of those things you stated..  Raising temperature would increase blood flow, still that not purely by itself fighting peyronies much. On the PE forums heat is a basic, for results  which is rarely emphasised here, even though we have scar tissue where heat could weaken cross links.  
Age 57, Onset 2010, 2" shortening, shrinking and angulation of glans, weaker erections, 30 degree bend. Mild pain few months, but far from worst symptom. Tried many ideas, not just from here, but not consistently. Moderate improvement, maybe 40%


Kintsugi Kintama,

Very thoughtful response, thank you for this.  Do you mind adding some information about yourself in your profile signature? Profile --> modify profile --> forum lookout: signature section.

Please add details like your age, marital status, and a description of your injury + treatment.  It'll help tremendously for people reading your posts to understand your background!
Injury Nov 2019, bend 15deg, loss of erections, dent and hard-flaccid
VED, cialis 5mg on/off
EQ medium (with pills), no NTE.  Lost 1+ inches length, lots in girth. Some loss of sensation. Considering implant to restore full sexual function