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The fewer the RTE's the better, right? I notice a surprising number of guys here and on FT
with LGX 18 + 3RTE. Why wouldn't the Doc. just use the LGX21? Was there no LGX21 on the shelf ?
I measure 16cm from the bone. So; a 21 might be best. Would it be unreasonable to insist that both
the LGX18 and LGX21 be in the OR before surgery ? 
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He took out an 18 cm one and prepared it before he cut you open. Then he had to use the RTEs. But it's only a guess. Makes sense though looking at the cost of these things.
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My doctor refused to implant even an 18cm LGX in me.
He didn't think an 18cm would be stable, but of course he was probably wrong.
As far as him using 18cm CX on me, I believe he likes the straight shot out from cylinders to pump.
I would have preferred not having RTEs, but didn't have a choice.
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The way I understand it, 18 cm is the most commonly used cylinder size, especially if your doc does a pre-measurement in the office before surgery. So when they have you on the table and measure you internally they all of a sudden find out they need RTEs and there ya have it. Like another poster said, these are expensive. So once one is opened, it's game on. Of course there are docs that keep more inventory so that's where guys get fewer RTEs or even zero if the doc trims the cylinder like Eid and Clavell.
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85 years old.
Implanted 01/22/19 by Dr Avila.
18cm AMS 700 CX, 3.5cm RTE 100cc reservoir
Diagnosed with Gleason  6 prostate cancer.
Monitoring it for now.


As stated, Multiple RTEs are always the result of making an implant do rather than fitting you for an implant.  I hate to say that, but it is just fact.  On occasion, one RTE might be needed but never two.

Getting an 18cm with (2) 1cm RTEs is NOT the same as getting a 20cm implant.  RTEs do NOT inflate, so they do not stabilize the end of the implant going into the body.  Think of a post in a post hole when the hole is a little too large.  If the post inflated on the base, it would tighten.  If it does not, it wobbles and can be unstable.  With multiple RTEs, the inflated penis will be hard but point down, not straight out, and not upward.

Also, RTEs are a smaller diameter than the implant.  The variation is even greater on the LGX or any Boston Scientific implant, so if they are stacked, it compounds the "wobble problem."

Finally, the rear of the implant where the fill/drain tube connects to the cylinders is moved forward.  That makes the tube easier to feel and harder to hide in body fat/structure.  Sometimes they are even visible on one side of the penis shaft near the base.

All of this is why one of the questions in our document about selecting a surgeon advises asking a Dr. about his use of RTEs.  Also, ask if he takes multiple implants into the OR, so he has options.  I have known Dr. Eid, even after measuring in the OR, to be unsatisfied with his choice, remove it, dispose of it, and put in a longer implant.
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