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Hello everyone,
First of all i would like to say thanks to everyone who wrote posts about their good and bad experiences, it helped me a lot and still do.

My story:
My age is 26 and i am from europe, i am a porn addict or i was but still have withdrawn symtomps, i watched porn from the age of 10 and developed a masochism/humiliation fetish.
I learned a lot from here but i really need more advices, because i fear i will screw something again.

The Damage
Sadly i damaged my dear penis 4 months(in april) ago with a roll of toilet paper, i simply did put on my dick and watched as it struggling, after a few session i got a dent on its right side, i got scared but it disappeared after like 10-14 days when i stopped watching porn. So i continued to scewing up my life...i think i did at least 4-5 more session before i started get rid of the whole addiction thing but under that 4-5 times my symptoms got worse eventually, i did have a small dent on the upper left and on the right side close to the base, it got wider, also it seems on the right side my girth became smaller like its not just a dent but it seems the entire right side is become a bit less fuller, its like the bloodflow cant push it out fully.

Getting worse
After each session i got more frequent pain. If you dont think that i am one of the biggest dumbass then wait for it because after a month of my last session which pain's last for a month i had sex with my girlfriend because i feared that she will left me if things continue without more broad intimacy so we did it. The sex was good, no pain, it felt that my penis a bit become less flexible but still managable so it was good, i was good i thought. After an hour of our love making, the pain slowly started to sneak in and it become very bad. Before the sex and after it i already started educate myself from this forum, but i didnt have all the information i needed to avoid screwing up so yeah. The dent didnt get wider but it seems it got deeper especially towards the base, for now its roughly covering half of my base on the right side.

How it goes?
In the first 3 months i did use a cream with vitamine-e and drink maca(sometimes two a day), shorty before the 4th month i started taking L-argine.
Not long ago i bought acetyl l-carnitine but after taking one pill my pain got worse so i decided to wait.
3 days ago i started taking dologit with the contains of ibuprofén(400mg) twice a day. Also started to use castor oil.
This is my 2 day no eating meat in order to reduce inflamation in my body and the pain after like 8-10 days is become very weak.
I also bought and just started to use aloe vera cream with vitamins of a,e,c and with hilariuon acid.
Also started taking q10 complex and drinking ginger tea.
My lenght is still good, even i think i got some but my girth was around 4.7 and i think its 4.5 or less now but i am not sure because one of the symtomps of porn is a much weaker erection.

Today i was on an appointment with an urulogist, he was a jerk,he told me that a lot of guy goes there with self induced peyronie with unbelievable things, caused by porn.
I told him that my dick is still hurting so be gentle while doing the physical examination but he refused to being gentle despite the fact that he said sorry.(he did this twice and i think for make my situation worse to grab more money)
He said that he dont see anything on the ultrasound, no damage, no scaring, and even what i told him, he said that my dent is only 4mm, and that this nothing(a could be nothing?).
He also said that if am worrying then i should go for an ultrasound with erection, i mean, when you will get an injection to give you an erection to watch if there is something wrong.
I also have a very slight upward bent where my penis cant fill up its top, so its somewhat stay flat. He said it could peyron and is it possible that its not observable without and erection.
He said that the pumps and tractions alongside the oraltreatments and everything is just marketing or will cause further damage if i have and the only usable things are potaba and wave therapy(He literally said"IF YOU HAVE A TONS OF MONEY WE CAN DO IT FOR YOU"). He didnt prescribe potaba for me because he did not see anything.

What will you do?
My gut feeling says there is a possible scarring right now but its not too late and what i did read here it seems its stopable and cureable and if am carefull enough i can get back everything but really need the members of this forum who are much more experienced than me.
I bought a hydroextrem 7 bathmath(as i said without enough information), i only used 3 times yet but i planning to use after i got rid of the pain.(two times a day for 5 minutes for a start)
I planning to buy a somacorrect and go for the 26 weeks plan also alongside with a heater(heat therapy) and a pmp traction device because of what i learned here from others.
I will follow my diet for about a week or so. i thinking about manual traction.The doc said i should buy voltaren so i wonder if its better than castor oil, aloe and marigold.
I stopped using vitamin e cream but the doc said it helps to prevent tissue destruction, probably this the reason that i have no scarring yet?
Looking for advice from more experienced members from this forum and also posting my progress to help others.
I will stop watching porn, forever, i choose my dick rather than some pixels for 30 seconds joy.
Because of porn i developed a serious insomnia that stopped me to going to gyms or doing sports in the past 3 years.
As soon as i can(two weeks aprox) i will start excersing and will doing a lot plank and squats alongside my basic routines for my penile health.

My views from the forum
After the trauma or until the pain subside it seems better to be apply cold showers or ice and everything that anti-inflammatory for a short period of time, after that, heat therapy is a must.
Blood flow, blood flow, blood flow.
I will masturbate weekly (after the pain went away and i am able to use my ved), alone or with a girl but i will avoid penetrate for a longer time.(3-4months).
Stretch is also a must but have to be very gentle even without pain, probably after a week when the pain subsided.
I am not planning to go for ultrasound under injections caused erections because it could get way worse than it is.
Veds and traction are vital and does not make it worst if you are carefull enough and wait enough to be safe.
You shouldn't go too hard and you should start with small steps,(with ved its 20-50%only)
Its a marathon it took months or even a year to see any progress, persitence and patience.

My mind
Still fighting, i am a good looking guy, women approach me and its shatters me in the inside that i have to refuse them because of my own stupidity and porn ofcourse.
Sometimes i give too much energy to wishing to go back in time, not too far, just closing my eyes one night and wake up in january 1, its really depressing.
My girlfriend left me after the injury got serious, she said she doesnt see too much change but i think she is lying somewhat to help me not fall in to the darkness.
The fear of staying alone for life and end my sexual journey at the age of 26 is haunting me everyday.
Self induced peyron 2022.04.?
Fibrous ring on the base.
Gluten free diet helped to sit down and enjoy sex again.
Still working on to get my original dick back.
Lost 0.5 inch in girth.
Narrowing, Right side does not fill properly.


Hey did any of the supplements or medications you took help? How are things now?
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