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Been reading as a guest for a while now, figured its time to join in as there's just so much information here. Love the energy and how everyone tries to help each other. I hope to get a lot of support from the forum. Great job btw  :D


Welcome man! Yup I love it too, everyone is here for eachother like 1 big team
M 21 Los Angeles

Saw Urologist at USC who handles Peyronies alot and he does not believe I have it. Symptoms: soreness in flaccid state, glands do not engorge, 2 very small. indents, slight girth loss( last 2 might be mental),Erectile Dysfunction for 2.5 years


Welcome aboard.

What is the affliction that brings you here? Are you in need of help in any way?



This is an awesome place to be!  The search tab is so accurate!  Ask any questions you'd like.

Be well! 
I have a girlfriend
Age 47, No injury
Diagnosis January 2022  
Six plaques
Hourglassing when flaccid and semi-erect
Only have my congenital curve
Massaging with vitamin E cream twice a day 
5mg Tadalafil, Healthy diet
Discomfort/aching sometimes