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Dear friends,

I bought my traction device about a month ago. It is true that I don't have a calcified plaque but I have noticed some improvement in my penis curvature. I had about a 20 or 25 degrees bend and now I have about 15 degrees curvature. It is an amelioration of about 8 degrees. I have also a low testosterone problem 254 ng/dl.

This is to show and encourage you that it is a wonderful idea to have a traction device. It works at least for me.

I would have liked to use RestoreX but I currently live in Spain and it is very difficult to buy it here. My device is a Spanish one, Androgenital. It is a medical traction device. I use it for about four or five hours daily. I had a curvature of about 20 or 25 degrees and now I have only about 15 degrees. It has been used for a month. It is also true that I don't have a plaque.

Best wishes,


Age:55 Diagnosed with Peyronie's disease(two urologists)Without plaque.Curvature 20 degrees right side.No erectile dysfunction.
Treatment seen on the Internet:propolis, gingko biloba, Vit E, Diclofenac topic,bilberry, magnesium chloride Coq Q10(200mg