Is Dupuytren’s related to peyronie's?

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Hope your well.

I wonder if this might help peyronie's in the future if its related to Dupuytrens.

Seen has Xiaflex is used for Dupuytrens?

Check out this news article:


30yrs old
Started late 2020, 46 degree dorsal curvature
dent on right side which is painful when erect
narrowing on the dorsal, No ED
Been suggested incision & grafting by two urologists


This was a great share. They definitely are related as many of the guys here also complaint about hand deformities. Hopefully it will work out.  


I'm really curious if it'll be possible to make a cream using this drug instead of getting injections. Also it's unfortunate that we're still waiting for the long term evaluation until a possible treatment is proposed...

27 y. o. Peyronies since 2020: S curvature with the top part tilting to the left - 15*. Multiple nodules and scarring on each side, mild hourglassing. Getting worse every few months, losing width. Normal penile function. Enlarged veins.