Jabkasai, the (so-called) Thai Testicle Massage - for reference only

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OK guys, this may sound strange, but an ad for Jabkasai came up on my Instagram feed, curiosity led me to look into it, one thing led to another and a few days ago I visited a therapist in Tokyo and had a Jabkasai testicle massage session.  I am telling you about here just in case you run across it and are curious.  I am not endorsing it, nor am I condemning it.  I will simply report my experience.
  Jabkasai is advertised as a Thai massage technique which concentrates on the testicles.  The practitioners claim it stimulates the production of testosterone and other male hormones, which they say will give stronger erections and stronger ejaculation with more semen.  They claim it can cure Erectile Dysfunction as well.  I will not even touch the question of whether or not any of this can be proven or disproven medically (although next time I see my urologist I will ask him if he's heard of it).
  The therapist who calls herself Coco has an Instagram feed.   You message her using the LINE messaging app (sorry, only in Japanese) and she chats with you.  I suppose she is vetting you to make sure you're not a pervert or that you have the misimpression that she is a sex worker, because she's not.  If you pass her screening, she lets you make a reservation and she sends you an e-mail with her address.
  She works out of a small apartment in a building tucked in among skyscrapers in downtown Tokyo.  You buzz from downstairs and she lets you in.  She has a massage room in the back where you lie down on a large futon covered with towels.  You lie on your back and she massages your legs and lower back for about 40 minutes.  Then you turn over and she begins the Jabkasai part of the massage, which lasts about 15 minutes.
  She presses and massages your groin, where your upper thighs join your abdomen, loosening the muscles and fascia around the spermatic cords.  Once they are loosened, she strokes and squeezes your testicles, and then she pulls them firmly down and away from your body.  You inhale while she pulls a little, and then you exhale while she pulls harder.  She repeats this process:  stroking, squeezing, and then pulling, a total of 12 times.  By the last three or four pulls, she is pulling your balls slowly but really quite firmly and you can feel the spermatic cord stretching as she pulls them away from your body.  I would call it uncomfortable, but not quite painful.  Coco said, however, that some men scream or cry with pain.  In my case I was able to relax into it and let her pull, and she said that my degree of relaxation was unusual, so the effect of the Jabkasai would be greater than for the men who resist.
  Okay, so what about the results?  Well, nothing that I could notice really, except that my balls were swollen maybe 10-15% larger than usual for about a day, and also I had some mild bruises on my scrotum from where she must have damaged some of the tiny capillaries in the skin.  I don't have Erectile Dysfunction, and I didn't have the chance to find out if it made my erection any stronger or my semen any more plentiful.  I would have to say honestly that I think Jabkasai did nothing at all for me.
  In case you're wondering, for the first two or three minutes when she first started stroking, I thought it felt erotic, but once the pulling started there was almost nothing erotic about it at all.  It felt like being stretched by a trainer, only on your ball-strings instead of your hamstrings.  So if you run across Jabkasai in your neighborhood, my general advice would be not to waste your time and money.  However, if you do suffer from Erectile Dysfunction and you've tried everything, you could give this a try too just to see if it does anything for you that the drugs or other therapies don't.  But do make sure you interview the therapist thoroughly beforehand.  Make sure the person isn't a faker, an  amateur, or a sex worker in disguise.  Make sure the person can speak convincingly about their training, what they think they can do and why, otherwise you could be putting your balls in the hands of a charlatan who might actually damage you.
  Last point:  this wasn't cheap.  The hour costs $175.
Age 63, Peyronie's history 3 years, left side hourglass, 20-degree bend to left, no Erectile Dysfunction