Peyronies Treatment delay because of covid, Alternative treatments?

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Hi Guys

I don't know if anybody feels the same as me it kind of disgusts me that Peyronies disease is not considered is not considered a critical condition. I like many men, feel like since the pandemic, it seem's like we have been at the back of the queue for treatment and advice since this whole mess has began.  To make it worse those that do get specialist advice are often told to take vitamin E and use a Penis pump and wait for 18-months to two years, when they are waiting to be scheduled for life changing surgery. For me personally during this time, depression has sets in, my relationships began to fall apart  and my sense of self-worth has been severely diminished.  i know some men may be able to have sex, whilst  there will be others with peyronie's disease that will be too severe or too painful for their partners. Has anyone of had much success with alternative treatment's. I'm not interested in a Penis pump and vitamin  has done nothing at all for me

diagnosed with Peyronies Disease