Is VED usage safe if you have varicocele?

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Hi. I was recently diagnosed with Peyronie's and I am now considering my treatment options. Meanwhile I have been diagnosed with a grade 2 varicocele on my left side of the scrotum, high up where the pressure pump seems to attach, therefore I am wondering if using such a device can worsen my varicocele.


Hi houston,

I can't say for sure but my understanding of the pump is that it works on the blood vessels in the penis itself, and attempts to increase the entry of blood into the penis so the spongy tissue can fill with blood and become erect.

A varicocele is caused by distension and lengthening of the veins which drain the testicles, and I believe the two vein systems are different parts of the anatomy.  Varicocele is very common - at least 6% of men have one and many have one from an early age.  They can be corrected relatively easily with surgery that is usually successful.

You should check with your urologist but I'm pretty sure that the veins which drain the testicles go straight back into the body, and are not directly connected to the veins in the penis.  And anyway, the pump is meant to pull blood into the penis, so it shouldn't affect the testicles.  One note of advice on your varicocele from my personal experience:  if it's so big that it bothers you, gets in the way while walking or cycling, gets jammed in your pants leg, or causes pain, then it's worth having it reduced surgically.  Varicocele surgery is pretty simple and has a high success rate.  Once it's taken care of you can concentrate on the other problem without distraction.

If the varicocele doesn't actually cause you any trouble, but you just worry about it, this is not a good reason to have surgery.  One should only ever have surgery if it's really necessary.
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