A year later and I'm just about normal again (10% Represent)

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Hello! Not sure if anyone else has had a similar case to mine but a year ago, on November 30th, 2020 I had injured my penis from excessive kegels and edging for hours at a time non stop for a period of a few days leading up.

(November/December 2020)
I woke up on December 1st, 2020 with a completely numb penis and I couldn't get erect for a couple weeks. Once erections came back in the middle of December my penis would occasionally bend about 90 to 110 degrees to the left and I was so devastated I actually dropped out of college and left my job and became a recluse for many months. It was the worst birthday present of my life as I had just turned 23 then.

(Late half of December 2020)
The rest of December, 2020 I had shooting pain radiating from my anus through my penis that actually made me cry from how intense the pain was. I couldn't touch my penis for more than 2 months afterwards as touching it at all would cause me intense suffering. Doctors couldn't understand what was wrong with me at this point.

(March 2021)
Sometime in March I would have an MRI to see what was wrong with my penis and oddly enough they couldn't find anything wrong which upset me more than anything. My pain oddly enough was worse around March and my penis would still often bend up to 90 degrees then straighten out on other occasions. At this time I got persistent genital arousal disorder (PGAD) where my penis would get fully erect very frequently without any arousal, it was painful and concerning to me. I was extremely unstable and I felt like my life was finished at this point.

(April 2021)
Added pentox to my long list of medications people had kept recommending for peyronies. I had already been taking coq10, agmatine sulfate, vitamin e, acetyl carnitine, arginine and you name it for a couple months at this point with very minimal change in pain. My penis stopped semi erect curving as often as it was before April 2021 which was an improvement. My penis was still getting excessive erections without my consent and I still had a lot of pain when attempting to masturbate which was incredibly depressing though.

(June 2021)
I got a job as a CNA and I realized that walking around and standing hurt my penis which was a huge blow to my mental stability. I had been using pentox for a couple months at this point and I still didn't feel like I was making any improvements in pain since adopting the pentox but I continued to use it for another month before dropping pentox around late July. So I used pentox for at least 3 months, 3 pills a day. My penis was rarely semi erect curving at this point and I was maybe masturbating once a week or less the entire summer of 2021.

(October and November 2021)
After not using any supplements or pills for a month leading up to fall and masturbating like once a week at a time, I noticed that my penis stopped semi erect curving and it wasn't nearly as painful to masturbate as it was before. I was able to start masturbating once every other day with no pain or deformity for more than 10 minutes at a time. Sitting and walking weren't as painful as they were before and I was able to actually start living again.

(December 2021 Now)
I can probably masturbate everyday if I wanted to and feel pretty normal. My penis doesn't curve at all, it's not shorter or thinner. It's the same shape and length as before my injury and I have all my sensation back. There's still some very mild aches here and there but my life is pretty damn close to how it was before this tragic event happened. I hope in the incoming months the mild aches I still have completely go away but as it is right now I'm doing pretty damn fine.

10% Represent

Sometimes it actually does get better
26 yrs old    Descended from Heaven on 11/27/97

Severe pain and shape changes started on Nov 30th, 2020 from injury

Shape was back to normal by December 2021
Pain has now gone away and I'm mostly recovered January 2024



Sounds like you had an extreme case of hard flaccid and not peyronies. I had the same initial symptoms as you with a completely numb penis and crazy pain. I was excessively kegeling too and injured myself with manual traction that gave me peyronies ontop of my hard flaccid. I got rid of hardflaccid with reverse kegels and pelvic floor massages. Then I noticed plaque in the tip of my penis that caused narrowing of the tip of the penis without any curvature.

If you have peyronies, you have to atleast have some plaque if not deformation of your erect penis.

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