VED journey - Improvement and Caution!

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I was diagnosed properly around oct/nov 2018. Started Pentox and Cialis which definitely helped with ED.

From about feb to April 2019 I was using a sex-shop VED and made some good results. I gained back some girth and reduced some curvature - you can find my post from April 2019 here (PICS included),11759.0.html . I was in a relationship and despite the curvature - with the combination of taldafil daily (5mg per day), pentox and Viagra (as needed)I was having AMAZING sex.

Since then I went through some bad depression, a toxic relationship and stopped using VED. My symptoms did not get better but did not worsen. I definitely lost some girth though.

Due to the set-back I decided to purchase the soma 3 cylinder VED. From about September 2020 to Nov 2020 I used the VED with the protocol on the forum here (15s holds with 1 x 15m session per day). I saw amazing results, my left curvature had almost disappeared I gained back some girth and length. My ED was extremely better (would wake up with raging nocturnal erections), My penis would curve less when semi-erect (previously would inflate in a C shape until full erection),  and even the urinary incontinence (dribble after peeing) also improved significantly.

After seeing the amazing results, From Nov 2020 to about early Jan 2021 I got over-confident and started doing 30-40s holds in the VED with 2 x 15 m sessions instead of 15s holds with 1 x 15m session per day. During these two months I thought I was improving more however, this was not the case. Many times (oblivious to me) I had overpumped and eventually I re-injured myself which set me back years! I had a new dent at the right side base and a lot of pain and my ED was way worse.

Months later This pain did not subside, my ED did not improve, my penis was thinner and fragile and deformed worse than when my peyronies started!! I would get severe pain after masturbation AND while sleeping if i slept to either left or right side my penis would be in pain all night (due to it hanging on a side with the indentation on base right side). I was too scared to use the VED and I could not use RestoreX either due to pain at the base ( I had just spent a grand on restoreX too!). Previously I could also do manual traction however, if i tipped my finger under my penis to lift it in order to relieve tension from the suspensory ligament before stretching I would feel pain from the right side indentation. This has set me back to being worse than when my peyronies started. I stopped VED and any therapy other than oral treatments completely. I also stopped posting on this forum due to depression.

Fast forward to now almost a year later early Nov 2021 i started the ESWT treatment - I'm using the Storz Medical at 3000 shocks, frequency 3 and energy 0.25 for peyronies. Then 3000 shocks (500 at cura left side, 500 crura right side, 1000 head of penis, 1000 below middle of penis) for ED. Total 6000 Shocks. The pain seems to subside after each session but re-occurs. I feel slight improvement in girth but nothing else (could just be me as i'm only estimating visually). I have had 7 sessions so far and have 7 sessions left. I have not seen any permanent results yet.

At this point if I Masturbated even once - it would result in severe pain, I would also have to masturbate at a certain angle as my penis was just deformed in certain areas and holding certain ways could put pressure on the bend resulting in pain (I have narrowing, twist and curvature at this point) and can not get a strong enough erection in most positions even with Viagra. Still pain everytime I sleep. I cannot sleep on my stomach, sleeping on each side results in pain. And zero morning wood.

One week ago I recently re-started VED with a lot of care. I was scared so I took it easy. I used the A cylinder and did light pumps with 10s holds - same protocol as here only difference was 10s holds. After about a week the pain has subsided!!!. My penis feels thicker and more full after each session. My flaccid penis is thicker and hangs properly. My erections feel harder but I cant say i've regained any girth. I can masturbate without having to hold my penis a certain way. I've been sleeping on my side and have no pain!! Still cannot sleep on my stomach thought BUT I just started getting morning wood again!!!1 Everything else has remained the same so I'm confident that VED is starting to heal me once again!!

So to anyone out there - BE CAUTIOUS of overpumping - I definitely recommend the protocol here. Do not get cocky like I did after seeing results and start doing extra holds and sessions (this is what worked for me I know everyone is different so take it with  a grain of salt). I definitely recommend the 3 cylinder VED and just being patient. ONE other thing is to masturbate LESS. limit to once a week or completely nofap.. But also remember what works for me may not work for you - this is just my personal experience.

I am now confident that with the combination of VED and restoreX I will be back to normal and once I am I will continue to use VED and RestoreX to have a longer and thicker penis than I ever had before as compensation for al these years of suffering!!!

Side note: Some of the dates maybe slightly incorrect as I never really kept a track. This disease has had me for about 3 years and sometimes I just stop thinking about it. The recent results has given me hope and faith and happiness again :)

34 Years Old...Peyronies for 4 years. 20 Degree left and upwards curvature, major dents and narrowing, ED.

Implant + Tunica Expansion Procedure, 7th Feb 2023, Titan 22cm +1cm RTE, Partial revision 27th June 23 (fix pump, remove 10ml reservoir).