emotional stress suppresses the immune system

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hi guys.
It's me, 20yo. The name is misleading since I am since less than a month 21.
But anyway. I am a medicine student and I wanted to shared what I recently learned.
It is very intuitive but the fact that is well renowed knowledge may make you think.
You may know that peyronie's disease is (supposedly) due to an incorrect wound healing of some microtraumas.
Wound healing is orchestrated by the immune system and by its cells.
In cases of intense emotional distress, stress hormones, namely cortisol, adrenaline and noradrenaline, are secreted by the adrenal cortex and adrenal medulla (a gland on top of the kidney).
This has the goal of activating the fight or flight response, making more glucose available in the blood and raising blood pressure and cardiac output, and many other effects.
Well, among the many effects, these hormones suppress the immune response. This is just physiology 1.0 mind me, it is not a speculation it is very well proven and renowed.
The body suppresses immune response in an attempt to save energy for whatever stress the body is facing.
At this point you must know where i'm headed.
Healing from depression, and healing from the state of intense emotional distress will have as a consequence a better response to the scarring. The two things are intertwined.
Adrenal gland is in fact connected to the brain by some nerves (some people consider the adrenal medulla as part of the nervous system because it is made of cells very similar to neurons).

On top of this, depression has been linked to lower testosterone, and testosterone also has an important role in wound healing.

In conclusion. Please take depression seriously, it is a disease and it can be cured, with the right steps.
Once your body will not have plenty of cortisol in the bloodstream chances are immune cells will be a lot more prone to deal with Peyronie's and scarring in general
take care
20 yo, Peyronies Disease 2020(55 degrees down) + congenital curve
loss of length, stable erection, sensation. hourglassing
antioxidants, hyaluronic acid injected & oral, maybe Yachia in future
Recently started VED 2x a week
Still wants sex and a relationship


Do I know you?I was talking to a 20yr old boy from Italy on Reddit who had peyronie's.Is that you?
Immediate 40 degree right curve due to injury on 3rd June 2021
Uro diagnosed me with penile injury on 2nd September 2021
Curve came down to about 20-25degree with-massage and cialis daily,after that didnt change


20 yo, Peyronies Disease 2020(55 degrees down) + congenital curve
loss of length, stable erection, sensation. hourglassing
antioxidants, hyaluronic acid injected & oral, maybe Yachia in future
Recently started VED 2x a week
Still wants sex and a relationship


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you are so right, that is the psychosomatic component that gets more and more attention. It feels very unfair. The unhappy, suffering people suffer more because their body does not heal correctly. When you are happy, healthy, everything is easy and the world is a great place, but when youre f*cked its hard dragging yourself out of the misery
27y, injured at 21 y!

Reinjured late 2019 when having sex with weak errection.
No curvature, but rotation of the base to the left about 30degrees
Main problem: chronic flaccid pain.

Trying different stuff now


It's super interesting how our mental state, like being stressed or depressed, can actually affect our body's ability to heal itself. I had a friend who was going through a rough patch emotionally, and it seemed like every little cut or cold took forever to get better. When she started dealing with her stress and got support for her depression, not only did her mood improve, but her physical health seemed to get better too.

It really shows how our mental and physical health are linked. That's why it's so important to take care of both. Mental health issues like depression aren't just in your head – they can impact your whole body. Keeping an eye on your overall health concerns and not just the physical symptoms can make a big difference in how you feel overall.
This section is for your history with Peyronie's please fill it in accordingly so member can assist you better Admin.


Yes my peyronies progresses greatly when I'm at my lowest and most depressed. It's really tough because this extra worsening of the condition only hurts your mental well being further, which makes spiraling out of control very easy to do.

Every time I get out of my mental bouts of depression, I'm left with the physical aftermath of a penis that's even more scarred and deformed. But at that point I have to just stop thinking about it and try to remain 'happy', because getting sad again often means it'll get even worse.

I've been going through this cycle for like 20 years now.
37, Single, Started in 2003.
Bend was 60 degrees down/left in 2021. Now 50 w/new scar formation.
Chronic flaccid pain varies from 2-6. Fasting, pills, traction, topical therapies, red light, sunlight, daily Viagra, simply not obsessing over it.