Advice on trying to get some size back

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I had my prostate removed 3 years back and tried injections for bit for Erectile Dysfunction.  Something happened though and my penis just shrank length and girth.  I was diagnosed with Peyronies but not really given much in terms of solutions.  My penis at non erection is too small for the traction device and i have tried a little with the pumping but not much success.  I am ok i think as far as bending etc i just wish i could get some size with lenght or thickness so i can feel normal.  any info that might help me with size - thanks

Mr man

I have not had my prostate removed, but I do take 25mg of silidifil. For instant growth. Followed be 5-6 hours traction. Wearing a device.

It has helped ovér a period of 5 months.
New routine. Daily traction with restorex 30 mins. With 45 min UV heat treatment using a lamp. Gone from being 30 degree bend to 30 degree curve. Giving peptides a go. Totally new treatment.