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Last month or so I have seen huge improvements. My biggest issue was inflammation, loss of feeling and a very small feelable but unnoticable curve.
I've been taking pentox for about a year. Coq10 for 6 months. Some months ago I added neprinol and biocell collagen + optiMSM.

I have no idea if its the meds or of its just time that goes by but currently im at 85% pre peyronie. I still definitely feel theres something there when looking for it but not constantly as it was before. The pain is gone and erections are "ok". With tadalafil im at 100% pre peyronie

Again, no idea whats causing this and if this will work for anyone but Im planning to keep the meds for another 6 months.

For anyone that just started this journey. We all been there, just know that things will get better. Maybe not perfect anymore but definitely better.
37yo. Started July 2020. Inflammation, pain and ED are the biggest issues. Small but almost unnoticable to left. Currently on Q10, Pentox and Ginko.