Anyone used Bathmate and now not? What do you use now for Peyronie's?

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I am looking to get a new VED to replace the Bathmate. Has anyone expereinced the problem below and now using a better VED? Can you recommend one and what's the best place to buy it? I don't see any Australian stores that stock the Soma Correct, which I think is most recommended one?

Before I developed hard flaccid and peyronie's, I used Bathmate. I feel like the larger entry of the Bathmate forced me to place it in a wy that pressed against my corpus spongiosum (half way down my scrotum, if that makes sense). As a result, I think I have a mild plaque partially obstructing the spongiosum and contributes to my hard flaccid problem. I can feel a sort of a dent, that is slowly getting software and smaller, hopefully it will all be gone.

Age: 40's
What: Approx 30 degree left from mid shaft, 45 degree clockwise torsion.
How: PE (June 2021)

Pentox 400mg (3 x daily)
⁍ Tadalafil 10mg (2 x daily)
⁍ Verdanafil 100mg (1 x 2 days)
⁍ Arginine/NAC/Vit-E/Ginger/Berries/Kelp