Ved vs traction vs natural length ?

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Is the penis length under VED more than the natural length, just like in a traction device where it pulls you longer than you really are ?
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45-50 degree downward curve with an indentation on one side when erect.
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Yeah, it will stretch you longer than your natural length.  That's the philosophy behind VED as a penis enhancer - that you have that much potential in your length so your penis should be able to get there.  Not sure how much I believe, but I like the way mine looks coming out of the pump lol
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Yes these treatments are not natural so they can overstretch your penis.

This is why you need to be very careful when doing these and always err on the side of caution
Onset of pain in March 2021
Progressed to loss of girth to dent under the glans left side

Been doing daily heat,traction,pentox,ved,cialis since initial onset of pain

Currently still experiencing pain and dent unchanged


The answer is NO.

A very firm bone pressed, stretched, flaccid length is the same as a very firm bone pressed stretched traction length.

A VED aggressively pumped will make you a little longer only because it engorges the glans more than a natural erection can.  That will add about a1/4 maybe5/16" to your length.

Overpumping or overstretching can aggravate acute Peyronies Disease.
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What Hawk says makes far more sense to me in my current situation. When I started both traction and VED I was around 5 inches in length and relatively narrow in girth although I have never actually measured my girth. I was five inches using both the VED and a normal erection.

I am now a smidgen under 6 inches in the VED and the same with a normal erection. I have my surgery in 16 days so my hope is to break the 6' barrier! Still almost 2' less than my pre Peyronies but at 6' I hope that will allow for a 21cm Titan which I would be ecstatic about given where I was a year ago.

I was getting concerned that I wasn't using the VED correctly when I read that you are much bigger in a VED than a normal erection!
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