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Hello guys,

I've been scrolling this forum looking for this answer but couldn't really get to it very preciselly.

I've had painful swelling on the right side of my penis (right under glans) about 5 months ago, it went away in a few days, but
I may feel some mild pain/sensibility/disconfort every now and then at the place that it used to be.
Also I believe I have some hard flaccid sometimes, mainly when standing.

While I'm getting erect, my penis now is bending left more then the usual (I have a little congenital left curve),
and usually i't's when I feel this mild pain /disconfort the most. Sometimes I feel that, there something going on the right side,
like some sort of inflammation, which creates some resistance, while i'm getting erect, and that's why it looks liek i'ts bending to the left.
It often remembers me of when I used to skate and sprained the ankle, so I could'nt move my foot against its swelling.

Once I'm full erect, it looks like just the same it has always been, and there's no pain at all.

Also I can't feel any hard or soft plaque in any side, in any state, but sometimes I suspect that, where that swelling used to be, my penis looks little more girthy, not sure about that, but for several times, when I'm totally flaccid, like really relaxed, I've tryed to feel some plaque there, but I just can't feel anything like that, it just looks like the rest of it.


As far as I know and researched, Peyronie's curvature usually bends towards the same side which the injury/scar/plaque is, and not against it. Am I wrong about that? Are you guys aware of any case which the curvature points to the other side than the injury/scar/plaque?

I'm not diagnosed yet but I've already went to the Uro and asked him for an ultrasound which I doing next week.

I've being researching other possible things it could be happening to me, such as a slow healing wound, lymphocele,
neuropathy, neuralgia, any nerve demage, or any other kind of inflammation which is causing this symptoms as i've described.

This symptons started right after the swelling was gone, and looks stable since that (about 5 months), pain looks each time better, since I'm avoiding sex and masturbation (few weeks). Anyway, I can manage to have good erections if I want, and even spontaneously, like in the morning or at night.

Any ideas about if there's anything that maybe could be emphasizing my congenital curvature?

I would be very pleased if someone could help me with that.

I'm wishing the best to all of you here. Kind Regards. Thank you.

Not sure about Peyronies Disease


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