The Phoenix personal acoustic wave device, anyone try it?

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I just found this device.  Anyone tried it?  I am in the middle of xiaflex with 2x daily restorex traction.  Round two at the end of the month.   Thinking about adding acoustic therapy.

I am not trying to market the device so I won't post the website.  You can google it...

The Phoenix

Acoustic Wave Therapy Device

What It Does
How It Helps
Our Promise
Get a better erection, more easily, at any age.
Clinical-strength Acoustic Wave Therapy from the comfort of home.
Save time and money compared to in-clinic treatment.
51 yo, onset late 2018, painful erections lasted 18 months
70 degree upward bend, 50 degrees after 4 rounds/8shots of xiaflex, post xiaflex still hourglass & major girth/length loss
8 shots of xiaflex ended 5/22
restorex 1hr per day + xiaflex


I have not tried it, so if any other member has I hope he will respond.

As reference, please have a look at something I just wrote in response to another poster who was asking about "shock wave therapy" which is essentially the same thing:
First of all, what even are "shock waves"?  They are bursts of sonic energy which are blasted into the affected area.  There are therapists who claim that shock waves can stimulate the regeneration of damaged body parts, but the typical ones are cartilage and ligaments in places like the shoulder rotator cuff.  Here is a passage from a shock wave therapist:

"Stimulation of Collagen Production
The production of a sufficient amount of collagen is a necessary precondition for the repair processes of the damaged myoskeletal and ligamentous structures. Shockwave therapy accelerates procollagen synthesis. The therapy forces the newly created collagen fibers into a longitudinal structure which makes the newly formed tendon fibers more dense and stiff and creates a firmer structure."     (source:

If you read this, you can imagine that this is exactly what you do not want to do to your penis.  Your Peyronie's is caused by a stiff section in the tunica that doesn't expand when the penis becomes erect, like the classic balloon with a piece of tape on it.  That stiff section seems to be caused by a plaque which has formed where it shouldn't have, possibly due to a healing process gone wrong after your penis endured some kind of physical stress.

As much as all of us would like it to be the case, I can imagine no way by which bombarding the penis with shock waves would selectively break down that plaque without damaging any of the other sensitive tissues in the penis.  As the shock wave therapist says, the shock waves will cause MORE collagen to be produced, which will cause the structure to become more DENSE and STIFF.  If that is even true, it might be great if your shoulder joint is weak, but it's not for your dick.

My suggestion is that you ask the doctor a few questions:
1.  Can you explain exactly how shock waves will fix Peyronie's?  What is the mechanism whereby the offending section of tunica will be made flexible and stretchy again without damaging anything else in the penis?
2.  Do you have any track record of treating Peyronie's patients and can you provide pictures or statistics showing how effective the treatment has been?
3.  If you do have any such patients, what are the actual stats for
    (a) ratio of successful therapy cases to those in which patients remained the same or got worse,
    (b) actual improvement in Peyronie's expressed in reduction of bend angle, reduction of hourglassing, erection quality, length, girth, etc.
    (c) number of months/years after therapy without relapse or complications

Any REAL doctor will have all these stats at his or her fingertips and will be happy to share them with you.  All doctors must be able to quote the success and failure rates of the procedures they recommend.  Obviously you don't need to know guys' names and phone numbers, but a photograph of a penis does not constitute "personal data" under European GDPR, because you cannot identify a man by his penis alone (unless it's reaaaalllllllly unusual, like he has a red white and blue striped tattoo that turns into the flag of the Netherlands when he gets an erection!)...

Okay, that was a joke, but kidding aside, there is no reason why a good urologist wouldn't be able to at least show you sketches if not actual photos of the penises he has healed.  So please, Joe55s, ask this doctor to show you PROOF in the form of statistics, medical records, and photographs.  And if he really can do that, I will be very surprised but also very happy.

Hope this is helpful.
Age 64, Peyronie's history 4 years, left side hourglass, 20-degree bend to left, no ED